March 31: Take Down Tobacco Day

Organizations across the country and the world are participating in Take Down Tobacco Day on Mar 31, 2023. Organized by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, this is a day of activism that occurs every spring, empowering people to speak out against the tobacco industry.

According to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids’ website, “Take Down Tobacco is the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids’ signature platform for empowering young people to fight Big Tobacco. Alongside a movement of elected leaders, parents, teachers, healthcare providers and advocates, we ensure young people have a seat at the table as we work together toward a tobacco-free generation.”

Organizations and individuals are encouraged to participate in this day of activism by hosting or participating in an event, sharing on social media, and/or speaking out .  People of all ages are encouraged to “stand with kids over Big Tobacco to continue pushing toward a healthier, more equitable future.”

This year’s theme is jokers. The day is focused on calling out the tobacco industry for aggressively marketing deadly cigarettes, fighting policies that would reduce tobacco use, and developing new products to hook kids.

“This year, we’re exposing Big Tobacco’s lies again and revealing who they really are: jokers who gamble with people’s lives. On March 31, leading up to April Fool’s Day, we’re raising the stakes and challenging young people to call the tobacco industry’s bluff.”


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