Spring into Nutrition!

As March draws to a close, it is important to continue to be mindful to focus on nutrition no matter what month it is. Whether a person is younger, older, or somewhere in between it is crucial to be aware of dietary needs. Read on to learn about MyPlate and what a person should be utilizing in their daily meals.

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What is MyPlate?

  • It is user-friendly plate representation of what a person’s daily eating should look like. The USDA’s Nutrition department replaced the old food pyramid with the picture of the plate.

What are the components on the plate?

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Proteins
  • Dairy

Important takeaways:

  • Make half your plate fruits and veggies!
  • Half your grains should be whole grains.
  • A person should vary their protein.
    • Try fish, nuts, beans, etc.
  • Move to low-fat or fat-free dairy milk or yogurt.

The great thing about MyPlate is that it customizable for every life stage. A person can go to the website and put in their information to know how much of each food category someone should be eating.

What else does the MyPlate website have to offer?

  • Recipes
  • Cooking videos
  • Health resources
  • Toolkits for professionals
  • Plus there is an App!

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