7 Last-Minute Halloween Ideas!

Let’s face it, sometimes holidays sneak up on us and we’re left scrambling! PBS is a great resource for parents and we are LOVING the latest list of last-minute Halloween ideas.

1.) Instead of heading to your local retail store and spending $30-$40 on a Halloween costume that will just be worn once (unless you you dump it into the dress up box after!), consider making a costume from items in your home! Searching through your closets around the host can actually be part of the Halloween experience to see what kinds of costumes everyone can come up with. A vest, big belt, boots, and had and just like that you’ve got a cowboy. An apron from the kitchen, a pie pan, and a bandanna and now you’ve got a baker. Make it part of the Halloween fun and brainstorm a few ideas with your family  before you let them lose to start digging!

2.) We are entering the best food-part of the year! There’s something memorable about turning the oven on when the weather turns crisp to make pumpkin bread, chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins and more! Even pulling your kids into the kitchen to make a big pot of hearty fall chili is sure to get everyone into the Fall and Halloween spirit! Encourage your children to help mix, measure, and pour!

3.) Instead of rushing to the store for last-minute Halloween décor, consider upcycling and making your own! Empty toilet paper rolls, milk jugs, straws and more.

4.) Pumpkin art! Consider painting pumpkins instead of carving! Foam brushes and nontoxic paints are the perfect combo to let a child’s creativity unleash! Paint pens can also be a fun alternative for older children and allow them to make even more intricate patterns and drawings.

5.) Halloween dance parties! When in doubt, dance it out! Most kids will flock to a place with music and space to bust a move. It’s a sure fire way to get the family in to the spirit of the season. Find a playlist with spooky classics like “Monster Mash,” “I Put a Spell On You,” and other family favorites!

6.) Spooky movie night! Halloween movies are found across networks and channels this time of year. So, grab some popcorn (or some of those fall snacks you baked earlier!), put on your favorite Halloween jammies or costume, dim the lights, and turn on the TV! Go with something spooky or something more family friendly. The options are endless!

7.) Make a costume for your pet! If you have a pet who is open to joining in the Halloween fun, dress him or her up. Make a set of bumble bee antennas with an old headband, straws and cotton balls, for example. Let the kiddos brainstorm ideas and you may be shocked at what they come up with! Just be sure to use materials that are safe and nontoxic for your animals and that they are comfortable in a costume. If you have an animal that can be irritable around kids or starts indicating they may be getting annoyed with the whole process, revert back to our other six seasonal ideas instead.




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