A Letter to Myself

Hi Mommas!!!!! Ok so I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post. I’ve been working and working. But I wanted to take a moment to write a letter to myself.

I know that sounds weird to some but writing is therapeutic.
No this is not a morbid, what I want someone to say to me at my celebration of life when my time is up kind of letter. This is a letter to myself in honor of Mother’s Day, a little encouragement that will hopefully encourage someone else. I hope that this far some of your have seen a little bit of yourself in me and some of the things I’ve shared. We all know motherhood can be difficult to navigate through and for some motherhood was a struggle to enter. So, you too should write a letter, encourage yourself. Mother’s Day is coming up and yes, every day is Mother’s Day but sometimes a written reminder goes a long way. Here’s my written reminder:

Dear Shaheedrah,
Girl! You are out here making motherhood look good. There’s no comparison right now for you, never forget that. This is your race, these are your kids, that is your husband and this family is yours. Every good and perfect thing comes from Lord and He is faithful to keep your going as long as you hold on. So be kind to yourself, fall in love again with you and all that you have grown to be. Your kids love you just the way you are, your husband loves you just the way you are. If you fall short, remember to apologize and keep going. Don’t be so hard on yourself, every goal will get accomplished, keep giving God the space He needs to have control. YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL, remember to breathe from time to time. You are more than just a “mom” your voice is prevalent. You are not a people pleaser nor have you ever needed anyone’s approval. Never forget that. You truly are your own kind of beautiful, your body has given birth to four of God’s greatest creations. There is no better blessing, it’s almost Mother’s Day and you should celebrate, it’s ok to highlight your best attribute. Being a mother has made you more compassionate, more considerate, more tolerate and filled your life with a joy that cannot be erased.
Motherhood! Oh, the joys, right? It is a joy to share your bed almost everyday with 2 out of four kids and run your days on red bull. Not healthy though, so let’s work on that. Replace one or 2 of those red bulls with an extra few ounces of water. You push yourself to hard sometime. Take time at night and let the silence of ‘bedtime’ bring your peace. For ‘Mother’s Day’ is truly at night, especially when everyone is asleep on time. Rest up girl, you still miles to go and you are not finished yet. You will have what you say you will have so speak life over yourself and don’t give doubt any room. Happy Mother’s Day!
Love Always,
I know that sometimes as moms we get so consumed that it takes the moment when that stranger in the store or someone you know says ‘you’re doing a good job’ to break us down into an ugly snot filled cry in the car or in the night hours. But what if you took that moment right now for yourself, tell yourself you’re doing a good job, you may not be doing everything right and it feels all wrong but tell yourself you are doing a great job. Give yourself some encouragement, one of the best things you can do for your children is love yourself in every season of your life. Even the difficult ones. The great seasons, when you seem to be on track and hitting all the targets are easy encouragement. But every mom may not have it easy some moms are overwhelmed and that is the truth, if you are mom who has never felt overwhelmed, call me I want to know what brand of coffee you drink or what brand of panties you wear because if they aren’t bunching from time to time, I admire you! Seriously, I know there are some moms who think parenthood isn’t that hard because they haven’t experienced struggles yet. And I applaud you and I pray that in every year of growth for your kids you take comfort in the moments that you felt you had it all together. Being a mother isn’t always a struggle, but it does have its challenges. The greatest being; getting back to you after baby (whatever number you are on lol-or when they start growing up) getting to a place where you can leverage your dreams between practices etc., and that’s why you need to encourage yourself. So, you can keep moving forward with your dreams and you don’t start to feel obligated to kill your aspirations because you became a mother. That’s why a written reminder is good and can be therapeutic. Thank you, guys for letting me write out my reminder. Be blessed Mommas, may this Mother’s Day be filled with comfort for those of you grieving the loss of a child or your own mother. May joy overflow through your day and may your reflections make your heart smile.

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