A Reminder…

Simply amazing. Perception is not always reality.

We went to Bob Evans recently.

Mac was in a mood and whining when we got there.

I noticed the older gentleman in the next booth over sitting all alone, giving a few stares at us while Dennis (my husband) disciplined him.

He spent a few minutes in the corner, all the while continuing to whine.

I felt bad for having interrupted this guy’s dinner, but rushing to my own defense, what parent hasn’t been here?

Whenever I see someone out alone, eating dinner or having coffee I often wonder what their story is.

Maybe he has grown children that he too, had to reprimand in public and now watches them raising their own sweet babies? Maybe he doesn’t understand what it’s like to have little ones because family life simply wasn’t for him?

And all the other millions of ‘what ifs’ that could surround his life.

Whatever his story may be… he paid for our meal.

What I thought were harsh, judgment stares being shot our way… certainly not.

This is just another reminder of how much work I have to do in the open-mindedness area; to not be so critical of myself but more self-loving.

We could all use a little bit of that.

#sharethelove #choosekindness #bethegood

<3 Ali

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