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Family Mealtimes: How To Make Them Easier, Less Stressful & More Enjoyable

Let’s talk about family mealtimes. The truth is that as much as you might imagine a picture-perfect family mealtime where everyone sits nicely at the table, no one cries about not liking the meal, and everyone chats calmly with one another, most mealtimes are nothing like this.

sex trafficking

Sex trafficking isn’t what you think: 4 myths debunked – and 1 real-world way to prevent sexual exploitation

A billboard in Mounds View, Minnesota, put up by the nonprofit National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

Lessons That Kids Have Learned In The Pandemic

It’s unquestionably the case that things would be much better in the world were it not for the Coronavirus pandemic – it’s caused irredeemable problems for people, families, and organizations alike, and no side benefit in existence could make that loss worthwhile.

10 parenting strategies to reduce your kids’ pandemic stress

(U.S.) – Parents are dealing with huge demands on their time and energy. Children may not be attending school or involved in regular activities.

4 lessons I’m teaching to raise a bully-proof child

(Ohio) – Bullying…it’s something we’ve all either dealt with on one side or the other or witnessed. It’s been around for what seems like the beginning of time, but we can begin to change that in the generation we are raising today.