Mom Failure

Let’s talk about Mom failure during the holidays.  All the feels from joy, regret, to expectations overtake our minds during this season.

You’re not alone Momma if you’ve done any of the following in the past few weeks….

  • Stile Elf on Shelf ideas
  • Immediately added to Amazon cart an advertised or random comment gem read quickly
  • View images of Christmas crafts, purchase items and then- NOT “creating memories at home”
  • Skipping a day on the kid’s Advent Book
  • Allowed too many youtube gaming video viewings
  • Attempted a gingerbread house which ended up in a trash bag next day
  • Seriously thought about not wrapping presents….perhaps newspaper is fine
  • Ceased living in the sacred moments
  • Getting whirled away in wants vs needs
  • Thought about signing up to volunteer but the schedule wasn’t allowed for
  • Feeling like a failure after viewing or hearing about other’s lives
  • Unhealthily consuming an obscene amount of sweets

Transitioning from baby schedules for feedings and naps, into toddler tantrums to the kid stage of balancing friends, school, extra-curricular, teaching kindness, generosity and self-confidence.

Expectations of the message of what Christmas should be like for our children and ourselves has us sweating every small thing.

Ideas on how to bring you back to the present:

  • Music has the great potential to change a mood (listen to the lyrics of Sacred Now song)
  • Do NOT scroll, game, mindlessly watch tv
  • Laughter can alter many situations (Check out this video: Things Mom Never Says – YouTube)
  • Do the steps- left, right, left, right up and down at least twice
  • Find that yankee candle or open the spice cabinet and grab the cinnamon for a large inhale
  • Say no- cut back on that schedule

Confront what is super important to you and what you want to instill in your family- hint hint, it’s not what everyone else is doing!!

It’s okay to feel like a failure for a bit, make a plan have hope and persevere- happy holidays!

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