Activities, 4-6 Months

You’ll start to notice baby getting a little more mobile around 4-6 months and solid foods come into the picture.

According to, around this age baby will start to reach milestones that include rolling and sitting.

Below are a few activities published by that you can do to help baby continue to develop and learn as well as helpful tips and information to consider throughout your journey.

4-6 Months

Motor Games and Activities

  • Place baby on their tummy to play in short spurts for up to an hour over the course of the day
  • Place baby tummy down on a blanket and move the blanket slowly around the room
  • Allow baby to explore age-appropriate toys with their mouth and tongue (be sure that the toys are large enough so that baby does not risk choking)
  • Encourage baby to practice repeated rolling from back to tummy. Place toys around to encourage pivoting

Sensory Games and Activities

  • Encourage baby to touch fabric with different textures such as wool, corduroy, and velvet
  • Lift baby up and down and play in different positions to help develop their sense of movement and balance
  • Find balls with different textures and colors. Teach baby how to roll, drop, and bounce them.

Communication Games and Activities

  • Play peek-a-boo
  • Use a variety of facial expressions while you talk
  • Read with baby. “Reading” can simply mean describing pictures without following the written words.
  • Encourage two-way communication. When baby coos or babbles, be sure to respond and take turns in “conversation”.
  • Play with rhymes and songs
  • Encourage baby to play with toys that make sounds

Feeding Games and Activities

  • Collect a variety of scents (flowers, spices, cookies) and pass them under baby’s nose one at a time to see what kinds of smells they prefer also suggests you should consider the following around this time:

Starting Solids

Starting solids is a big deal! There are a lot of questions:

When do I start?
What should I give baby first?
How soon can I give them their second food?
Answers to these questions and more on our starting solid foods blog post.

Plus, videos of what feeding milestones look like!

Tummy Time Isn’t Over

Rolling over doesn’t mean Tummy Time is over! Keep it up! Tummy Time is a great way to play with baby. Peek-a-boo and singing songs help keep baby’s interest. Lay baby on a blanket, mat, or carpet to give them the sensory experience of feeling many different textures.


Baby’s teeth will be popping in soon! Don’t be surprised if they chew on their hands or their gums are a little swollen. Chill a wet washcloth for them to chew on for comfort, but don’t give them anything frozen solid. Start brushing as soon as baby’s first tooth appears.

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