Activities for Kids, Ages 4-6 Years

According to while your child may be attending school and learning numbers and letters, social and emotional skills are just as important.

Below is a list of things to keep in mind as your child continues to develop.

4-6 Years

Learning to Play With Others

Your child should enjoy playing with other kids and may even have a best friend. Try to encourage a variety of play activities from arts and crafts and imaginary play to organized sports and a visit to the park. Playing with other kids helps your child learn how to work with others and compromise when they can’t always have their way. There are some social skills they can only learn by playing with other children.

Developing Skills For a Lifetime

Your child’s executive function skills continue to develop. They’re learning to apply working memory to remember their morning routine for school each day and they’re using self-control to stay focused on activities at home and in school. Each of these skills will help them be successful later on during their school years.

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