Activity – A reminder of what we can control

In a time where things feel out of our control, it is important to remind ourselves and our children of the things we can control.

We are all searching for activities and learning opportunities during this ‘new norma.’ The Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success is offering information and interactive activities that help our children learn, keep their mindsets positive, and offer them engaging and enjoyable projects.

Right now, it may seem as though everything is out of our control. Will the economy stay shut down? Will it reopen? Can my kids finish out their school year like normal? For our kids, those feelings are there too. Will I be able to see my friends today? I want to play baseball, but I can’t…and so on.

So, in a situation where everything seems out of control to consider this activity that helps us all remember that we are still in control of our lives.

1.) Draw a circle on a piece of paper.

2.) Lable the outside ‘What I can’t control.’

3.) Label the inside ‘What I can control.’

4.) Fill both areas in with things that fit those statements.

5.) Talk about each one that you write down. Make comparisons, such as ‘I may not be able to control how other people treat me, but I can control how I treat others.’


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