You can get washable cloth face masks on Etsy

As part of the national guidelines issued by the CDC, we have been advised to use a face mask when we leave home, but finding any can be difficult.

Not to mention, finding face masks that fit your children properly can be even more difficult. It’s important to refer to the CDC and other reliable health organizations when determining the best size for your child and to review guidelines that recommend babies and toddlers not use face masks.

However, small business owners have stepped up all over the country to make masks, including those specific to little faces. Here are some options you can find on Etsy and they even offer a variety of colors and patterns, which may make the situation a little less scary for your child. It’s important to note many handmade masks are NOT medical grade.

Treasured Dolls USA 

This Etsy shop is not only offering patters perfect for your girly-girl ages 3-7, but you alsoFacemask 1 have the option to include another mask that will fit their doll!

Shop this store.






Another great option that offers a variety of washable masks in many prints perfect for Facemask 2both boys and girls.

Shop this store.







This shop offers a variety of prints for the whole family. With sizes for men, women, and Facemask 3children.

Visit this shop.










This shop not only offers a variety of masks for both girls and boys, but the masks Facemask 4include pockets for filters.

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For you boy moms out there, this shop offers a variety of prints exclusive to boys! They Facemask 5also include nose wires for a more secure fit.

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Explore other shops offer face masks for both children and adults. However, Etsy does indicate that items sold on Etsy such as masks and hand sanitizers are not medical-grade. Etsy sellers cannot make medical or health claims.

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  1. Hi! Wanted to share that I along with many others never received our masks from BirrdeStore. Her shop is no longer on Etsy, and I’ve had to open a case with Etsy in hopes of getting a refund.

    1. Michaela Madison

      Thanks for the heads up, Kim. We’ll take another look at the article and the resources we cited!

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