Indian Valley updates families on the end of year plans

Indian Valley Local Schools issued an update detailing what families in the district can expect following announcements that schools will remain closed for the rest of the school year.

The following information was issued by Superintendent Ira Wentworth:

End-of-Year Plans

(Updated April 21, 2020)
Plans and decisions regarding many year-end school events are provided below.  Details may be subject to change as new information and orders become available from governmental and public health officials.

1.   8th Grade Dance

Regretfully, the 8th grade dance originally scheduled for Friday, May 1 has been cancelled.

2.   8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip

The trip as scheduled for May 2020 is postponed.  Fortunately, the trip was able to be rescheduled for November 18-20, 2020. 
Principal Brent Carter and Middle School Art Teacher / D.C. Trip Coordinator Katie Carroll, have been communicating details directly with the families of our current 8th grade students.  Those details can be found by clicking here

3.   AR Auction

Students will still be rewarded for their hard work and Accelerated Reader points earned toward the auction. 
AR Points Earned Through March 13

The AR auction will be held when students return in the fall. 

Wednesday, August 19 Current K-2 Students

(next years’ grades 1-3)

Auction to be held at Midvale
Thursday, August 20 Current 3-5 Students

(next years’ grades 4-6)

Auction to be held at Port W.

AR Points Earned During Remote Learning

On May 14, a remote raffle for prizes will be held to reward students for their continued efforts to read during Remote Learning.  For more information from Mr. Page and Mr. Wells, please click here

4.   Chromebook Return and Last Week of School Schedule

Coordinating the return of approximately 1,500 student Chromebooks requires a measure of organization.  The sequence below provides the approach we will use to collect Chromebooks while still permitting students time to complete their assignments at the end of the school year.

Fri, May 15 This is the last day teachers will post new assignments.
Mon, May 18 – Thu, May 21 1) Students are to complete any new or missing assignments.

2) Once assignments are done, Chromebooks may be returned.

Fri, May 22 Final Assignment: Return Chromebook if you have not already.

Method for Chromebook Return

Chromebooks may be returned 1) to the school office, or 2) by way of one the school buses delivering lunches.  For your reference, the school bus lunch schedule can be found by clicking here

  • Label or include a post-it note with the following information:
    • Student name
    • Grade level
    • School building
  • Charging cord must be returned as well. 

5.   Graduation

Due to the prohibition on mass gatherings for the foreseeable future, graduation will not be held in the traditional format.
Indian Valley has several students committing to serve in the United States Military, which is still maintaining reporting dates.  With this in consideration, we are reluctant to delay graduation exercises that would prohibit these young men and women from participating. 
Additional specifics will be released as details are finalized, but families can begin to plan 

for the following:

  • A non-traditional graduation ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 30, 2020.
    • This is a change from the originally published date of Sunday, May 31.
  • A Curbside Ceremony will allow for:
    • Students to dress in their caps and gowns.
    • Students to walk across the stage (outdoors) and receive their diplomas. 
    • A small number of family members or friends to take pictures of their student walking across the stage and getting his/her diploma. 
    • Social distancing requirements to be maintained. 
  • Students will be scheduled in time slots starting in the early afternoon. 
  • Sunday, May 31 will be a rain date. 


Again, more specifics will be released as plans are finalized. 
6.   Indian Valley Foundation Scholarships

The Indian Valley Foundation (IVF) Scholarship banquet for this spring has been cancelled, but their awarding of scholarships has not.  The IVF is mailing certificates of notice to scholarship winners along with instructions on how to redeem the scholarships. 
As an additional way to honor these students for whom there is no banquet, a list of scholarship winners will be included in the graduation program for the Class of 2020. 

7.   Kindergarten Registration

The traditional onsite Kindergarten registration for incoming Kindergarten students (Class of 2033) is cancelled.  Additional details and reminders are provided below.
Cut Off Date for Kdg

A student must be five (5) years old or older on or before August 1, 2020.  This means a child’s birth date must be on or before August 1, 2015.
How to Register Online for Kdg

Beginning May 1, visit and click Student Registration found in the left hand column to enroll your incoming Kindergarten student for the 2020-2021 school year.
For a shortcut to the enrollment portal, please click here
Kdg Forms from our Website

Download the following Kindergarten Forms by going to –> Departments –> Wellness

  • Kindergarten Health History Form
  • Physician’s Report – to be completed by your physician; take with you to any visit over the summer
  • Dentist’s Report- to be completed by your dentist; take with you to any visit over the summer

These forms can also be found by clicking here and will need to be submitted by the first day of school, which is August 12, 2020. 
Other Documents Required for Kdg

  • Immunization Records 
    • While this is part of the Physician’s report listed above, a separate document providing your child’s immunization record is acceptable. 
  • Birth Certificate
    • A copy of the original is fine. 
  • Utility Bill
    • Needed to verify residence in the Indian Valley School District.
    • A copy with dollar amounts redacted is fine.
    • Open enrollment families may disregard this requirement. 
  • Custody Papers
    • If applicable. 

Building and Classroom Assignments for Kdg 

A letter will be mailed the week of July 27 indicating 1) the elementary building your child has been assigned, and 2) to which specific classroom in that building. 

8.   Last Student Day

At the April 20th regular Board meeting, the Board of Education approved the following modifications to the school calendar.  These changes will impact Remote Learning for students during May 2020.
Friday, May 8 becomes an Instructional Day and no longer a Calamity Make-up Day

Friday, May 15 becomes an Instructional Day and no longer a Calamity Make-up Day

Friday, May 22 becomes the Last Student Day

9.   Lunch Account Balances 

For graduating seniors, our Food Service Department will be issuing refunds for any remaining balances in students’ PayForIt accounts, as long as all school fees have been paid.
For all returning students, current account balances will be rolled over and available for use at the start of the 2020-2021 school year. 

10.   Prom

Regretfully, our Junior/Senior Prom scheduled for this May is cancelled.  However, it is recognized that one tradition of prom is for students to get dressed in formal attire and have family members take pictures at a variety of locations in the area. 
To that end, we invite our Indian Valley Juniors/Seniors and their dates who were planning to attend prom to submit a picture of themselves dressed in formal attire (dresses and ties).  Pictures will then be displayed in a Virtual Prom Photo Gallery on our school website at 
Submitting Virtual Prom Pictures

  • Pictures must be submitted by Saturday, May 16.
  • Pictures must be in jpeg format.
  • Email pictures to:

Any other questions regarding the Virtual Prom may be directed to High School Choir Director and Prom Coordinator, Melanie Glazer. 

11.   Report Cards

Report cards will be available electronically via Progress Book beginning Thursday, May 28.  
Mass mailing of paper report cards is not planned.  However, if you would like a paper copy of your child’s report card mailed to you, please submit your request by emailing or calling the school office.

High School 740-254-4262 
Middle School 740-922-4226 
Midvale 330-339-1191 
Port Washington  740-498-8389 

12.   Senior Scholarship and Awards Banquet

The Senior Scholarship and Awards Banquet for this spring is cancelled.  However, to honor these students for whom there is no banquet, a list of scholarship and award winners will be included in the graduation program for the Class of 2020.

13.   Seniors – Special Acknowledgement for the Class of 2020

On Saturday, May 2, Athletic Director Nick Swaldo will provide 20 minutes and 20 seconds of stadium lights at Kelley Field in honor of our graduating seniors.  
Starting at 8:20pm (20:20 military time), the scoreboard will count down from 20:20 and the class song will be played over the loudspeakers.  
Seniors are invited to drive past the stadium during this time by entering from W. State St. and exiting onto Barnhill Rd.  The Midvale Police Department will be assisting with traffic control so seniors can pass the stadium more than once.  
Seniors are reminded to drive safely and to be good representatives of the Indian Valley Braves.  

14.   Yearbooks

Yearbooks for the 2019-2020 school year will still be produced.  Pictures of spring activities, concerts, and sports will obviously be absent.  However, we would like to chronicle the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on student life.  
Submitting Remote Learning Pictures for the Yearbook

We invite students and families to email pictures of how you are spending your quarantined Remote Learning days.  Please use these building specific email addresses for submitting pictures:     
Friday, May 22 is the deadline for submitting Remote Learning pictures.  With the potential of many pictures being submitted, use of your picture cannot be guaranteed. 
Ordering a 2019-2020 Yearbook

Orders for 2019-2020 yearbooks are still being accepted.  Click here to place your order online.  Select the school building yearbook of choice from the left hand column

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