Any Age: Have a Dance Party

According to, physical activity is really important to a child’s health. Benefits include having stronger muscles and bones, a leaner body, decreasing risks of type 2 diabetes, lower blood cholesterol and a better outlook on life.

A great opportunity to increase your child’s physical activity and have a great time is to have a dance party!

Consider letting loose with your kids to these favorites!

  • When Can I See You Again? – Owl City

  • Single Ladies – Beyonce

  • Thriller – Michael Jackson

  • Shakira – Try Everything

  • The Way I are (Dance with Somebody) – BeBe Rexha

  • Havana – Camila Cabello

  • Stay – Zedd, Alessia Cara

  • It Might Seem Crazy – Pharrell Williams

  • Shake it Off – Taylor Swift

  • Katy Perry – Roar


While the health benefits are there, you may appreciate this activity more when you consider the time it gives you to bond, make memories and have a great time!

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