Beautifully Unique: A Family Built by Adoption

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes adoption is the perfect solution to growing or completing a beautiful family.

This informational campaign comes to you in partnership with the Stark County Community Action Agency.

Adoption is a big decision- for the birth mothers/parents and the adopting families. That said, it’s not uncommon. One in every 25 families with children has a child that is adopted. Roughly 7 million Americans are adopted.

Formal adoption became legal in the US in the 1850s. Since then, the foster care system and many celebrities have made the process more visible and widely accessible for families. Both domestic and international adoption are options for families wanting to grow their love. Additionally, there are open and closed options.

When it comes to considering adoption for your child, there are several factors to keep in mind.

  1. When placing a child, you can use an agency, an attorney, or kinship guardianship (a relative legally takes over care for the child).
  2. Sometimes it is not possible to contact a child or birth parents after a closed adoption- keep this in mind.
  3. A judge must approve adoptions in court.

Why place my child for adoption?

  • You are not ready to be a parent
  • No financial support to raise a child
  • You are not ready to be a single parent/it’s not a good time to raise a child
  • It is the best chance for your child to have a healthy and fulfilling life

Adoption can be a complicated process for birth mothers and adoptees to navigate. The SCCAA Community Actions Pathway HUB is an available resource for pregnant and new mothers in need of support, education, and community services.

Audrey Mattevi

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