Trimming the Costs of Thanksgiving

Trimming the Costs of Thanksgiving this year could prove to be problematic but there are a few tips to help.

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Not only are supply chain demands hindering grocery stores to be fully stocked and selling Thanksgiving favorites at affordable prices, but the market pricing on grains and dairy also continues to rise according to the American Farm Bureau.  1 year ago corn prices were selling at $4.05/bushel, and now they are at $5.74/bushel making that a 41.7% increase!

1.  Plan your Menu
    • Use a Free Printable Thanksgiving planner

2.  Compare Prices by looking at local ads
3.  Shop Early
4.  Don’t buy name-brand
5.  Plan some games so the appetizers last longer










6.  Compare Prices by looking at local ads
7.  Plan what type of bird to buy

Fresh Whole Turkey PackageFresh whole one or Li’l Turkey

Frozen Li’l Butterball® PackageFrozen Whole or Li’l, Frozen Fully cooked Baked or Frozen fully cooked Smoked Turkey! Frozen ones are cheaper

Ready to Roast All Natural* Whole Turkey Package Ready to Roast whole turkey which can go from freezer to oven with no thawing.

  • Buy ahead as the smaller birds are selling quickly!
  • Order ahead by calling the local meat department.  Small birds such as capons are juicier than a turkey!
  • Check out Local Farms!

Consider spending for the next few weeks with Thanksgiving and Christmas and what the New Year budget and account balances will look like! 
For help with savings, spending and investing, speak to a banker to set up a solid foundation!Financial Tip Friday

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  1. Thanksgiving planning can be incredibly time and money-intensive, so these are great tips to help families bring down the costs. Good resource for families as we approach the holiday!

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