Becoming a More Nurturing Parent by Improving the Home Environment and Yourself)

We know the lessons that we have to teach our kids in life and becoming a more nurturing parent could help!

They are always incredibly simple messages, whether about staying healthy or being happy, it all stems from the environment we provide and by becoming a more nurturing parent. While the answers are simple, getting to them is not so simple. Our children experience stress in so many different areas of their lives that, when they come home, they don’t want to feel any more stress. They want to come home to a nurturing environment. This means that you need to make sure that the environment is conducive to relaxation, nurturing, and also making sure that you have the skills in place as well. 

Keeping Your Home as Organized as Possible 

One tip to consider as you work to become a more nurturing parent is that a disorganized and decluttered home will lead to a disorganized and decluttered mind. When we are trying to create a nurturing environment for our kids, it’s about the physical act of organization, but also making sure that we, as the parents, have a structure in place so our children always know what is going on and where they are. Inconsistency in life can lead to more stress. And this means you’ve got to set the example. 

You can do things like decluttering, but also make sure that you have your life organized. The fact is that these days, we can feel ill-prepared for most things. Partly this is due to life being too busy that we don’t have time to deal with common issues, such as problems with the electricity, the internet, or the air conditioning. While there are 24 hour AC service specialists and electricians around, it’s a lesson that we need to be organized to set the right example for our children. 

Creating an Area of the Home Where the Family Comes Together 

The living room tends to be the area where a family will congregate, but if you are trying to create a more nurturing environment for your children, consider an area that doesn’t have TVs or devices, and can be a neutral space. You can use neutral colors, and decorate this room with materials to communicate a neutral and relaxed way of life. 

Learning to Dial in Your Stress 

Again, it is about setting an example for our children. If we are constantly stressed, this is something that our children will pick up on, consciously or subconsciously. If we find that there are so many external factors in life that threaten to derail our happiness, we have to address them. If your children see us trying to make ourselves happier and control our stress, this sends a positive message. But the best thing that we can do for the sake of our children is to give them the tools to cope with stress

Stress is something that is not necessarily a bad thing because it can be very motivating. However, if your children do not have the ability to deal with aspects of stress, they need tools to cope with it. If they have stress with regards to homework, is it about the fact they are struggling with the subject or is it actually they were not taught how to learn properly? We can all struggle to learn subjects in life, but it’s about how the information is presented to us. If you can get to know your child’s learning style, this could bypass a lot of issues. 

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