Toddlers will love this Easter Egg Coding activity.

Your toddler will love this Easter Egg Matching activity!

Challenge your toddler this Easter with this simple and fun Easter Egg Matching activity. Make sure to check out the free printable too!

What do you get when you combine engaged toddlers and Easter? This activity.

Easter eggs are perfect to help your toddler’s matching and color sorting skills. Instead of just having them figure out one color, it can be challenging to mix it up for them too.

If anything, this activity will give you a few minutes to get last minute Easter tasks done. There’s nothing better than when you can combine your child’s learning and gaining some time for you as well.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Easter Egg Matching Printable
  • Markers
  • Plastic Wrap or Ziplock Bag

This activity is truly simple and can be done two different ways.

First, gather up a basket of plastic Easter eggs. If you don’t already have them, you can find them at dollar stores or other grocery stores in general.

Then, print out the printable at the end of this activity.

You can print out multiple sheets and directly color on the paper to keep the activity going. Or you can put plastic wrap over the paper or place it inside a large ziplock bag. That way you can just wipe the marker off.

After you color the eggs, your child will be able to do the rest.

You can either set up the eggs fully so they can just match and sort them. To make it more challenging, you can pull them apart to have your child match, sort, and put the egg together. It might be a little more difficult, but you’re working on more skills.

This activity can go as long as your toddler is interested!

Use this printable to help organize what egg colors you’d like to use.

Your toddler will love this easter egg matching activity.

If you give this one a try we want to know how it goes for you! Send your feedback, photos, etc. to


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