BMV to resume driving tests

After being closed down for weeks as a result of COVID-19 scares, the BMV is announcing plans to resume driving tests.

Tests will resume this Friday, June 12th. Appointments can be made online and are required. This week’s opening, however, only includes six BMV locations with all others expected to open next Tuesday, June 15th.

BMV officials are reaching out to everyone who had a test canceled due to the coronavirus to offer them priority-based scheduling. Additionally, reports indicate there will be modifications made to the driver’s license examines that will allow them to administer the test from outside of the vehicle in order to maintain precautions still in place.

Those at least 15-years-old and six months can obtain a driver’s permit and must hold the permit for at least six months. Then, a driver education course and 50 hours of driving required before a road driving test can be taken to obtain a license.

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  1. For those looking to take their driving tests during COVID-19, be mindful of any safety protocols that educators have in place. By following these, it will be that much easier to take and, hopefully, pass road tests that are scheduled.

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