Boy Hijacks Mom’s Makeup Tutorial

A local mom and makeup artist has her live tutorial hacked by her son, and Facebook is loving it.

SamBetty Quillin, of Gnadenhutten, is a makeup artist and her 14-year-old son, Sam hacked her live video.

He’s obviously seen Betty do this a few times as he walks the viewers through a new “subtle look.”

Step-by-step and in his best impersonation of his mom, he goes over how to apply the foundation, mascara and even lipstick that “no one really cares” knowing the name of.

And when mom finds out, her reaction is priceless. Echoes of laughter are heard in the background as she gets a kick out of Sam’s version of makeup application. Betty explained, “He always watches me do my live videos, and he just is so funny he gets away with a lot because he is always keeping us laughing.” 

One small application issue though got her a little hung-up, “why are you putting it on the backs of your lashes,” Betty asked a few times watching her son’s creativity blossom as he applies mascara a little differently. However; he did manage to find his best ‘makeup face.’ 

And Sam, a true professional, recognizes the importance of interacting with viewers as he makes remarks about Rene and Megan throughout the video.

He even goes one step further to ask everyone’s plans for the weekend and how he and his family are planning to head to Salt Fork Lake.

A phone left unattended is simply subject to hacking according to Sam, “Her phone was sitting there and she wasn’t using it, so I started a video, and started impersonating her.”

The roughly six-minute video saw nearly 100 comments, more than 200 shares and over 11,000 viewers.

Sam admitted he was shocked by the attention he got, ” I was surprised by all the viewers.” He added, “An internet sensation.” 

A makeup tutorial that the ‘ladies’ will be talking about for weeks.

And as for that video, per Sam: “Share it. Share the crap out of it.”

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