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Buckeye Career Center Named Purple Star School!

(New Philadelphia, OH) – Buckeye Career Center has been named one of the Ohio Department of Education’s 165 Purple Star schools for the class of 2023.

According to the Ohio Department of Education, Purple Star schools are committed to serving students and families connected to the nation’s armed forces. BCC is one of 88 schools to receive the award for the first time. In total, Ohio has 511 active Purple Star schools.

Buckeye Career Center Superintendent Bob Alsept takes pride in the district’s achievement. “The greatest support we can give is to the brave men and women protecting our freedoms. If we can give them comfort by making sure their families are taken care of, then that is a small task that we are proud to complete,” he said.

Applying for the Honor

BCC applied for the honor in the fall of 2022 by submitting paperwork, creating a military support page on the district’s website, and choosing a staff member to serve as the liaison between military families and the school. BCC’s liaison, Mr. Tim Vandeborne, must complete professional development, identify military-connected students, and facilitate support for identified students and families. BCC must also participate in at least one activity to support the military community annually.

Vandeborne, a U.S. Army veteran, is extremely proud of the designation. “Buckeye Career Center is a steadfast leader in our community. Military families walk hand-in-hand, their hearts connected by a shared dedication to service. Together, we find strength in our unity, drawing upon the sacrifices we make to build a lasting impact. With pride, we stand as the unwavering support system for our nation’s protectors – the caring champions of a noble cause,” he said. Vandeborne is BCC’s Project Lead the Way/Engineering lab instructor.

BCC’s Purple Star designation is active for three years. The Ohio Department of Education announced the designation on April 17, 2023, during the Month of the Military Child. The official announcement can be found at https://education.ohio.gov/Media/Ed-Connection/April- 17-2023/Department-recognizes-165-Purple-Star-schools-duri. More information regarding BCC’s support for military families can be found at https://www.buckeyecareercenter.org/MilitarySupportPage.aspx .

Audrey Mattevi, Reporting

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