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PLAY TUSC: Encouraging Youth Sports

The biggest hurdle for kids to play sports is the cost of equipment and participation. PLAY TUSC is doing something to combat that challenge and help more young athletes get in the game!

This awareness campaign is brought to you in partnership with Empower Tusc.

Play Tusc has partnered with Leadership Tuscarawas to create a Youth Sports Closet. This initiative will be geared towards helping area youth participate in local sports associations. For many, the costs associated with participation discourage and prevent kids from playing sports.

Why Encourage Kids to Play Sports?

Play TUSC suggests that “… by participating on these teams, our youth will be exposed to a positive atmosphere focused on teamwork, respect, discipline, camaraderie, etc. The hope is that this will deter them from joining potentially negative atmospheres where they could be exposed to unhealthy elements like drug use, depression, violence, etc.”

This project is in the planning phase and needs your help. Scan the QR code on the image below & take a quick, easy online survey to share your input. The information you provide will help determine if a sports closet is a true need for the community.

EmpowerTusc provides resources and assistance for families and individuals struggling with addiction. Visit their website at or give them a call at (330) 440-7319. You can also check out their list of local resources for those struggling with addiction, dependency, grief, anxiety/depression, and more.

Audrey Mattevi, Reporting

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