Carolyn J. Gabric – Candidate for Marlington Local School Board of Education

Carolyn J. Gabric has been a resident of Washington Township for 17 years and she is looking for an opportunity to continue to serve the community as a member of the Marlington Local School Board of Education.

Gabric is married to Lee Gabric who grew up in the Marlington community. The Gabrics have two adult children who are both educators.

She is a graduate of Kent State University and has been a tax accountant for over 30 years. Gabric explained to that she is also an Enrolled Agent and completes over 40 hours of continuing education classes per year.

Also, she is co-owner of the family’s grain farm operation.

Gabric is a current member and has served on the Marlington Board of Education for the past 12 years, participating on multiple Board committees. She is currently serving on the Board Finance Committee and Policy Committee.

During her time on the Board, Gabric noted that she has consistently shown a willingness to listen to the community and make objective decisions based on facts.

In a biography Gabric provided to, she explained she “clearly possesses the financial expertise and management experience to continue as a trusted member of the Board.”

Gabric went on to note she and her husband sponsor a scholarship each year which is awarded to a Marlington student pursuing a degree in agriculture or science.

In a joint press release detailing the priorities of both Gabric and candidate, Terry Wilson, it explains she supports the following:

“Respecting the consistent voting results which indicate that taxpayers do not want a consolidated elementary school.

Implementing a practical, consistent and affordable maintenance plan for Marlington’s school buildings in order to keep our students and staff safe and comfortable and to ensure the best possible education.

Preserving the traditional start-of-school date after the Stark County Fair.

Encouraging Board and administration accountability in ALL areas to taxpayers. Retaining our quality educational staff by making responsible financial decisions which allow us to offer competitive wages and benefits.”

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Karen S. Humphries

John A. Bauman – No contact information available.

James E. Fisher – No contact information available. 

Scott Mason – Did not return a message seeking comment.

Terry Wilson – Did not return a message seeking comment. 

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