Karen S. Humphries – Candidate for Marlington Local School Board of Education

A current classified substitute within the Marlington Local School District is looking to voters to support her in her campaign for the district’s Board of Education.

Karen S. Humphries is a 1983 graduate of Marlington High School, member of the Marlington Alumni Association Board since 2009 where she’s been Board Secretary since 2012 and a district parent.

She and her husband of 26 years have a daughter who is currently enrolled at Marlington High School.

Humphries often serves as a classified substitute in the District, meaning she subs in positions such as classroom aide, secretary, and study hall monitor, etc.

She noted that she has also covered the school district as a news reporter for The Hartville News for the last 12 years, specifically the Board of Education meetings.

“I have a great affection for my Alma mater and I want to help continue the excellent education and community legacy that is synonymous with Marlington,” explained Humphries. “I believe that my skill set and personal history with the district are a great advantage.”

Humphries explained to Newsymom.com that she is running for a seat on the board because she hopes to have an opportunity to change the atmosphere.

“From distrust and stagnation to positive movement forward. If we work together to keep the education of our children as the primary priority and focus, we will succeed. If we become involved and know each other rather than judging from a distance, trust can be built.”

Her agenda also consist of addressing the facility challenges such as declining enrollment.

“We need to get a grasp on our options and how the facilities can be used to further our students’ education rather being a roadblock to our progress,” she explained. “This will require community input and involvement.”

Humphries also noted another goal is to help students connect with the community.

“One way that I would like to encourage community members to become more involved in the District, whether or not they have children or grandchildren that are students, would be to establish a volunteer program which promotes interaction through simple socializing or working on small projects during students’ free periods (such as lunch) or through participation in a career advice program,” said Humphries. “Mature adults who share their experiences with students would go far in positively influencing them and building generational bridges, creating a more fully positive life experience.”

“I would like to bring the focus of the Marlington Board of Education back to that – education – and what is best for the students! I believe that the varied perspectives I have gained – through being a graduate, a substitute in the schools, a member of the Alumni Association Board, a mother of a student, a community member, taxpayer, and reporter covering events here for 12 years – are invaluable to understanding the current needs and concerns of not only parents and community members, but staff, administrators and students as well.  The deep level of my involvement is my best qualifier and I would consider it an honor to work toward an even greater Marlington legacy!”

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Scott Mason – Did not return a message seeking comment.

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  1. I did hear that you do not believe that older residents in the district should have less of a voice in the district because they do not have children in the school. Both of my children went to Marlington and one of them played in the band under Terren Frenz. I poured my heart and soul into the band boosters and my son went through Marlington from kindergarten through Graduation. I was definitely involved at one time. Just because I am an older resident does not mean I do not care or should not have a voice I believe that most of the property owner in the district that pay property taxes and your salary are older residents. Talk like this makes me not want to support the school.

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