Celebrating AMAZING Moms-Newsymom Mother’s Day Giveaway

Sarah Copeland has been nominated as an AMAZING mom! “She has Hazel who is now two with her late husband Brent Copeland. She works day in and day out to keep his memory alive for Hazel.”

“So much, in fact, that she recently took the hunter safety course (and scored the only 100% in the history of this particular man’s time offering the course) so that she can one day take Hazel out hunting like she knows Brent would have done. Through her brokenness, she lifts Hazel up. You can tell that Hazel is her whole world and that she does everything to make sure she grows up knowing her daddy was amazing. In the process, I hope that Hazel realizes how amazingly strong and wonderful her momma is too.”

Throughout the next few weeks, we are recognizing amazing moms as part of our Mother’s Day Giveaway, that includes a prize pack worth over $450!

Send your entries to contributor@newsymom.com or by commenting on our Facebook page!

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