Local Leaders Host Roundtable Discussion on Teen Mental Health

Counselors, school board members, social workers, and law enforcement representatives are coming together this weekend to talk about teen mental health.

Brian Flood with Faith Christian Church explained the importance of continued conversation surrounding the topic. “In recent years we have seen an alarming increase [in] teen mental health issues, ranging [from] increased anxiety, depression, and even suicides. Giving parents the tools to both recognize potential problems and resources to address problems is very important.”

Flood noted that each speak provides unique insight on the issues and each offer a variety of tools to help families. “I believe that the more tools one has the better help we can be,” he said.

When asked what role parents should play in this effort Flood answered, “Well first they should be the parents.” He went on to explain, “Personally, I feel parents should be actively involved in their kids/teens lives. Parents need to ask questions and attempt to know wat is happening with their families. I think that parents need to advocate for kids today. It’s our job to be there to advocate, not someone else’s.”

Multiple resources available locally will be discussed during the event, which will be held on from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 15th at Faith Christian Church in New Philadelphia.

Michaela Madison Reporting

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