Cheryl Shepherd – Incument Candidate for the Louisville Board of Education

As a member of the Louisville City School Board for 13 years, Cheryl Shepherd is once again seeking the support of the community.

The 51-year-old is a Louisville High School graduate and mother of two children currently attending Louisville City Schools.

After leaving the area for a brief period to pursue career interests and obtain a B.A. from Malone University, she returned in 2002.

Shepherd told that she hopes to remain in her current position on the Board of Education because she is a proud public servant.

“I have 2,905 reasons for running for school board and that represents the students in our district as of October.”

Her main motivation for running she explained, is working to further the educational goals of the district.

Shepard noted her personal focus is district curriculum and programs and she highlighted some of her achievements during her time on the board.

“This year we launched the one-to-one program for grades five through eight, a laptop computer that they can take home and do homework. That also gives us the ability to do blended learning, a great initiative of ours.”

Shepard went on to note the introduction of the STEM-focused curriculum in both the middle school and the high school.

“Parents want their kids to be able to compete with science, technology, engineering, and math,” she explained.

Although the current Vice President of the Board, Shepard has served as president and been a member of every committee.

“I’ve been a legislative liaison, I have served on the finance committee, I’m currently on the policy committee and I’ve been on the curriculum and programs committee for the entire time I’ve been on the Board of Education.”

Additional programs Shepard played a role in include establishing all day, everyday kindergarten, reintroducing art curriculum in the elementary schools, adding boys and girls Lacrosse and a competitive gymnastics team.

Shepard asked that voters consider the current composition of the board and the importance of it when heading to the polls on November 7th.

“The board needs stability,” she said. “To be a continuing entity experience matters.

If we just bring in one more new person, that’s a nice composition of the board. It gives experience balance. Also, we have gender balance right now as well. We have three men and two women.”

If elected, Shepherd stressed her plan to remain focused and dedicated to improving the district’s curriculum.

Michaela Madison Reporting



Thomas E. Doyle

Brenda Ramsey-L’Amoreaux

William R. Wyss, Jr. 

Richard Crislip 

Barbara DeJacimo

Jon M. Aljancic – No contact information available

Donald L. Barthel – Did not return a call seeking comment

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