Child Offers to Buy Officer Ice Cream

A Tuscarawas County father is sharing a heartwarming story of his 6-year-old son offering to buy a Bolivar Police Office ice cream.

Stephen Strawn, of Bolivar, told that he and his son Maddox stopped at Dairy Queen last week to use the $10 gift card he’d recently gotten for his birthday.

Maddox wanted to buy a Best Chocolate cake blizzard.

But, his plans changed when he saw Bolivar Police Sgt. Chad Hilty while waiting in line.

“He whispered to me, ‘I wonder if he likes ice cream,’” explained Strawn. “I told him ‘why don’t you go ask him.’”

Strawn went on to say that at first Maddox was too shy, but he explained that there’s no reason to be scared around the police as they are here to help.

But, still too shy, the two just got their own ice cream. Maddox however; couldn’t take his eyes off the officer.

That’s when Strawn said Sgt. Hilty went to his cruiser and signaled for Maddox to come out too.

He gave Maddox a ‘back the blue’ sticker. “After that, Maddox introduced himself and they just started talking,” Strawn added. “Maddox asked him if he wanted some ice cream and Sgt. Hilty politely told Maddox he was just there to get dinner and thanked him for the offer.”

According to Strawn, Sgt. Hilty seemed a little surprised by the gesture.

Strawn added that Sgt. Hilty explained he’d seen Maddox was a little nervous and that’s why he took the initiative to connect with him.

“I asked Maddox if he would like a picture with the officer and he said yes! He thanked him for the sticker and waved bye as we left, almost like they were best friends,” Strawn noted.

Strawn explained that gestures like this for those who serve the community are not uncommon for little Maddox.

“He told a veteran at McDonalds ‘thank you for your service’ and the veteran ended up giving him $10 and told him to buy some ice cream. I always try to teach our kids to be kind and treat people with respect and hope that my wife and I can lead by example,” said Strawn. “I was very proud to watch the interaction between [Maddox and Sgt. Hilty] and really appreciated the kindness of the officer. I am a firm believer that if you are respectful to the police that they will be respectful back.”

Michaela Madison Reporting

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