Childhood Friends

My daughter turned 9 last week. Her birthdays are always hard on me. I love watching her grow and change into the person that she will be. But I am reminded of time slipping away. We are extremely close, and I for years was her whole world. With the passing of

time I am less and less the best friend.

I always place my role of mother before my role as friend. We are still close, and she shares everything (most anyway) with me. Her friendships, however, are starting to play a bigger role in who she is. They are no longer just fun play dates to run and be

active. These friendships are becoming vital, she needs these other humans.

My daughter is blessed with two close friends. These two girls could not be more different from each other. They both bring out sides of her that she otherwise might not have paid attention to had it not been for them. She smiles so big when they are here that I fear her face may split. Hours of giggles and late nights of whispered secrets have blessed our walls.

There have been fights and tears shed thinking that friendships have been lost. This of course has not been the case. But is a reminder to me of how very important these friendships are. These girls have taught her so many life skills. Each have come with their own blessings and their own challenges. They are growing up together, but in a very real way helping to raise each other.

I am reminded often watching them of my own childhood. I moved states when I was my daughters age. The loss of the tangible side of those friends felt like death to me. I felt like pieces of me were ripped away. As children do, I made new friends here in Ohio. Some of those friends have lasted me a lifetime. Some stayed for a season and slipped away. Each one had value.

I know I am not alone in remembering my childhood friends with fondness. As I write this there are two little girls in the living room giggling so much that they are making my sides hurt! I hope and pray that these memories become a part of who she is becoming. As I let pieces of my daughter and I’s friendship go to them. I hope they understand what a precious gift she is. I hope they feel loved by my sweet girl who prays for both of them by name each and every night.

I also now understand why my mom loved to have our friends over to play. I am sure she remembers my friends with a fondness that I now myself hold for these other children. I am watching all 3 turn into the most amazing young woman. I cherish every moment that I can be a passive observe in who my daughter will be in the world apart from me. So, thank you mama bears for sharing your amazing daughters with our family. They are both loved by us as if they were themselves a Nucci girl.

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