Claymont City Schools Address Social Media Threat

The Claymont City School district is addressing concerns over a rumor of a threat shared via social media on Tuesday.

Superintendent John Rocchi issued an ‘All-Call’ to everyone in the district on Tuesday evening to denounce the alleged threat.

“I’ve been working closely with our administration and law enforcement. We had a report of an alleged threat, again I report an alleged threat,” explained Rocchi. “It has been proven to be a rumor, again it has been proven to be a rumor. It has been verified by law enforcement. There is no threat to our district at this time.”

Superintendent Rocchi noted the district and police did bring drug-sniffing dogs into buildings to conduct a full sweep as a precautionary measure, but nothing was located.

Law enforcement will continue to be visible in our district to ensure the safety of all students,” he added.

He also urged the public to avoid sharing threatening posts via social media and to instead notify local law enforcement.

Michaela Madison Reporting

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