Could you help your kids with school work if you didn’t have Google?

(U.S.) – According to a recent survey, the majority of parents say they would not be able to help their kids with school work without this one tool!

The survey indicates, two-thirds of parents today say they rely on Google when helping their kids with school work.

79% of participating parents say that while they do remember bits and pieces of subjects from school, they still face a lot of challenges. One subject, in particular, MATH! Math has changed exponentially since most parents today were in school.

The study also looked at the top five ways parents get out of helping their kids with their homework…good or bad…some do it!

  1. Asking their partner to help instead.
  2. Coming home late.
  3. Doing laundry or other chores instead.
  4. Claiming to be too tired.
  5. Emergency grocery runs.

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