Viral Video: COVID-19 killed my son, but not how you think

A grieving father shares a story of isolation, emotion, and the loss of a child amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The current health pandemic has taken the entire world by storm. From isolation to increased insecurities, the effects have hit like a tidal wave. While the focus has been on the loss of loved ones who have contracted COVID-19 and lost a direct battle with the illness, others are succumbing to the coronavirus in a different way.

”I’ll be damned if I don’t make this a little bit better,” he says in the video. “I want his memory to be his heart. His dedication, his tenacity. He made a big difference in the world, lit a flame. Made a spark around the world.”

We are sharing this viral video to do our part to share Hayden’s story with as many as possible.

(This is a third-party publication. This is a news story about this family’s tragic loss and desire to share their son’s story).

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  1. Very very sad to listen and watch. He looks like such a cute little kids. And ur right its not normal for kids to be home so long and have no one to play with. I am happy some starts are allowing day camps now in small groups. If they are scared that’s what they should do do small groups so your less likely to catch the virus. It is one thing to stay home for 3 weeks another thing 3 months. And ur right it was probably covid. Very very sad may God bless your family. And help comfort you.

    1. This is horrible, but a catchy tidal that minimizing the possible effects of Covid19 is just going to kill more kids.

      Please read about of viral load effects severity of this virus. The reason less people are dying from covid is because we’ve been social distancing.

      Reach out to online therapist and reach out early. Pandemics are real and should t be minimized.

      I’m sorry about the sun. Mental health is incredibly important. Let’s all show how to love and support each other from a distance, when needed.

      We all need to slow the fuck down, value our plants and value our neighbors

  2. Dean Meintjes

    I read so many comments. I suffer suicidal thoughts based as PTSD and in therapy and have everything I need but the pressure of Covid. The many repercussions. The family dynamics. Life. Self loathing. The blame he felt. The sadness. Not realising Dad is there. I am so very sorry for you and your family Dad. Much love. Do not blame you. We just cannot get over that place of space in that very moment. DEAN

  3. I run meditation for tweens and teens. It’s made a difference. In less that two weeks we had over 50 ppl join. These poor beautiful souls don’t know how to manage and deal with emotions because gaming has deteriorated this ability to use this part of their brains.
    I pray your son is a spirit of change.

  4. Susan Petersen

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Heartbreaking to say the least. I totally agree with you 🙏😪

  5. So tragic. I think of my grandson who is almost the same age and also loves to game. So sorry for your loss. I feel we never quite know what’s going on in their heads especially as preteens and teens with all the pressures we never knew in our day. Find peace in your memories. Again so sorry for your loss.

  6. My sincere deepest condolences to you and your family. May God wrap his loving and consoling arms around you at this time and always, ALWAYS, embrace you guys. May you all find pease and love within and with each other, knowing he is playing on the golden streets fearlessly. My heart truly goes out to you all. Im so sorry for your loss. There are no words to ease your pain Just know people you dont even know, never met, are touched by you sharing your story, and mourn with you. God Bless.

  7. I pray for ur family . This touched my heart is humbling to me I’m a single mother of five kids struggled to keep my kids entertained or maintained in our home I sometimes forget about lucky I am be a single mom we often take the ones we love for granted jobs come and go this time is to love our kids show them that family is everything

    1. Alberta Westmark

      May God wrap His arms around this family, thank you for sharing your heartbreak. My prayers are with you.

    2. Yes, this is very sad. But COVID? Either his father gave it to him without knowing. You would’ve seen the symptoms. Or he had internal bleeding in his brain all this time from the remote. Why else would he bleed through his nose? Can’t be suicide.

      Rest In Peace.

      1. You shouldn’t comment if it’s negative. No one wants your opinion, it’s his story to tell. Not yours.

      2. Did you even listen to his video? You shouldn’t comment unless you have listened and understand what the father was saying.

      3. How can someone see this and draw that conclusion? Covid19 killed his son figuratively, not literally. His little sister was so brave in this horrible situation. Bless them all. I hope time erases what must have been horrific images.

      4. He’s not being literal. He’s sayings it’s Covids fault as in the virus is the reason for his son having to be away from his friends and school along with all the other normal things he is used to.

      5. This boy hung himself and that is why blood was coming from his nose. His dad talks about how COVID-19 killed him but in a different way than having the virus.
        He was addicted to the video game Fortnite and got aggressive and broke his monitor and his dad said no to getting him a new one and that he would have to work for it and make some money to get another one. Then he helped his dad and grandpa and then went back and destroyed more of the monitor and went and hung himself. Such a tragedy. I don’t think this guy realizes the magnitude to which his son was addicted to this video game that when he was cut off cold-turkey he couldn’t handle it. This guy blames social distancing and isolation and even President Trump and our leaders for shutting things down. He has no clue that he is looking at everything else except his own lack of knowing what his kid is doing and what Fortnite is about.
        Parents need to know what this video game is and what it is doing to their kids. This game is about killing until the last person is dead and is causing kids to steal to pay money for V-bucks and stay up at night and not eat or sleep and just obsess about it. There have been multiple warnings to parents regarding this game and yet for convenience the parents let video games be a babysitter and what they live for.
        Sad, very very sad. I’m not blaming the dad here. I’m just upset that this happened and that parents allow their kids to play video games for hours on end that have to do with killing and then wonder why their child hung himself!

        1. I completely agree with you. It is sad and a tragedy, but he wasn’t not isolated from everyone. He still had his family. As parents we need to be vigilant to what are kids are doing. Especially during this time.

          1. Really? This is truly an insensitive comment. Some children DO NOT display signs. My son died by suicide at 14 and NO ONE saw it coming. Had seen PCP just prior as well lived with a parent who was educated in and worked in mental health. Please don’t judge.

        2. I am someone who has struggled with suicidal thoughts and tendencies, even though I have loving parents and people around me. I am just around his age right now. The fact that you think that the video game is the thought that triggered suicide is just plain ignorant. I play plenty of FPS games and the games have not caused me to have any thoughts like this. It is the isolation. We begin to experience new emotions and thoughts that we have never had before, except magnified by the conditions we are put under. Until you have been the one who is struggling, please, stop running your mouth because you have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about. I was obsessed with Fortnite, but my thoughts never came from anything that happened on there. I never stole money, never stayed up all night. Even though my parents were there for me, that did not change how I felt. It is a rush of negative emotion, one that you feel you can never escape from. It is ignorant that anyone thinks that is the fault of the parents or the video game simply because it is something that he enjoyed doing that happened to do with killing. I did not display signs until I showed my parents my self harm scars. Look, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. So please, be quiet until you know what you are talking about.

      6. Actually this isnt true. The blood vessels in ur nose mouth and even ears will burst from the pressure. Before u say something ignorant fact check yourself. Its ppl like u hiding behind screens, spreading negativity, having no remorse or empathy that end up causing suicide in ppl when they are isolated in situations like this. Reevaluate ur life.
        May god be with us during this time and may u trust ur son is at peace in heaven.

      7. I think you missed the point. His son died by suicide related to factors COVID-19 caused. Social isolation, increased screen time, etc. The long term trauma that many of our children are going to be much more an issue than academics.

  8. Prayers for this man and his family to have strength and comfort as they face many difficult days ahead.
    Thank you, Sir, for fighting for children everywhere who are having difficulty dealing with the many aspects of Covid-19.
    God bless you and your family.

  9. My heart truly aches for you and your family and your little boy, your young man….and so much as well for your little daughter. How horrible, and I fully understand your saying Covid 19 caused his death. I agree on holding people accountable as well, and how I wish your son could have had school, teachers, counselors, all of it, to help him deal with the isolation. I have a 2 year old grandson that just doesn’t understand why he can’t come to grandmas, and a 4 year old grand daughter that asks the same. They live a fair distance, but it is driveable, and my other grand daughters are here, so they see me regularly, but it makes my heart ache that I can’t see them, so I cannot imagine what their little hearts feel! I am so very very sorry for your loss. You are a wonderful father, Just remember that! And you have honored your beautiful boy by sharing his story, and maybe saving someone elses child! God bless you, and your famliy, just hang on to faith. It’s all we really have in the world. I lost my husband 3 years ago to lung cancer, and I have often felt guilty for thinking ….”I am glad he isn’t here to deal with this”, but I am surely not glad he is gone! He would not have survived this garbage, and watching him die the way he did was bad enough! Blessings to you, and yours…..My prayers are with you.

  10. Patricia Joshua

    This has me crying hard tears for you and our family. Such a beautiful son you laid to rest way too early. It is so difficult, this isolation we are having to force upon our kids, I agree. Especially for kids with anger issues, obedience issues, impulsivity. My son is ADHD and odd and I can see this in him, he doesn’t know how to handle so many emotions. May your son rest in peace and may you know thatany are praying for your families healing.

  11. I’m so very sorry for your loss… this truly breaks my heart for you and your family and I believe we are not made to be isolated. I’m a huge advocate of mental health. You are in my prayers❤️. May your sons memory help others and change the world and our leaders.

  12. I am so sorry for your loss the only light in your Storey was when you said he was a Soldier in Gods army. He is a great sounding son. May God bless you and your family. I can not Imagine the pain you and your family are going through. One day at a time . This is a legacy for him. God Bless all of you and your family. How is your little girl doing? Bless her Dear Lord.

    Marti From Indiana.

  13. People have been dying of suicide for a very long time. Even without the virus. We survivors are always trying to figure out why our loved ones did what they did. I am almost 6 years into this grief process. There really isn’t anybody to blame but ourselves or our loved one. That is what makes suicide grief so difficult. 2020 suicides can blame corona virus but really it is just depression. It isn’t social isolation but mental isolation. You can be around others and still feel alone. I am so sorry for your loss and the new normal you will have to endure. Blessings to you, your son and family.

    1. Honestly I agree with you, it probably most definitely was an underlying issue, but I do believe that with all that’s going on.. it has caused depression in a lot of people.

    2. Social isolation can lead to depression, without the need for an underlying issue. You should go to school for psychology before you preach on it. You can have no signs of depression or feelings of it, until you’re completely alone.

      1. I agree. I previously wrote back to someone on this thread about my self harm and suicidal thoughts during the pandemic. Since then, I have felt much less alone and am truly happy and less burdened than before. I felt alone until I reached out and got help. Since then, my mental state is much more stable and I am much happier. The people above can fuck off saying that I had an issue beforehand and that I just didn’t realize it. To anybody reading this: unless you have been that person that is in a bad place, stop talking.

  14. Absolutely heart broken for this family. I 100% agree with this message. It’s due time we stand up against the government officials violating our constitutional rights!!!!

  15. runningcrazy1

    Unfortunately, I understand your pain and grief. Yesterday was 7 years since our son took his life in the same way. He was 18. My husband found him and experienced al the emotions you describe. I have thought many times about how this social isolation is affecting kids as I know how it is affecting me, and how it would have affected my son.

    Everything is so much bigger at 12 (almost 13) that when he broke his second screen you are 100% right, he had no way to release the anxiety or friends to go talk to. That is how we grow and learn as children and even adults and it has all been taken away. I know from experience there will not be an second, minute, hour, or day that will go by that you don’t think about him and replay every last minute to change the outcome in your mind…..If I would have done…….Don’t listen to the trolls on this site. Unless they have walked in our shoes (and even the vile ones, I hope they never have to), they will never understand. You didn’t do anything wrong. You will never get over it, but you can move through it day by day. I remember someone asking me what do I hope for? I remember thinking….the only thing I hope for is impossible. He told me I would hope again. 7 years later I do have hope and I do tell my story as I feel if it can help one person it is worth it. Thank you for sharing yours, and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. RIP sweet Hayden.

    1. Ginny AndersonpopelkaAndersonpopelkaAndersonpopelka

      So sorry for your loss and yes I believe what you said about the virus and how it is affecting kids these days. Thank you for sharing and may God Bless you and your family and keep you safe and healthy

      1. Kimbrella Gatewood

        My God! Smh…My sincere condolences go out to you a your family for your loss. I can’t even begin to fathom what you and your family are enduring through this time. All that you said is so true because this is a spiritually difficult time for us all. I thank you for mustering up the strength to be transparent in touch a tragic time in your life to reveal a testimony to us-how selfless of you! I will be praying for you and your family everyday and I ask that you continue to give this to God and allow Him to heal and nurture you through this. Your son’s life is light and love that will be an energy around you in the highest frequency. No words that I could ever speak feel like enough. I pray that you are aligned with sht we support, love and healing you need. Much love.

  16. As a suicide survivor i can say with this pandemic and social distancing and isolation brings on so many emotions and anxiety at that age you just dont understand. May your son Haydeb RIP with his handsome smile and memory. I pray his story brings awareness to other parents including myself with my 10 y/o who also enjoys gaming it has been very rough on him also. My deepest sympathies and condolences and thank you for your sons story!

  17. Praying God Blesses you with His peace and that you and Your Family feel His arms wrapped tightly around you. So so sorry for your loss. This world situation has done a real toll on the human condition. I truly believe if it wasn’t his time….he would still be here. God wanted him now. We cannot understand His Ways. But trust He is in the Arms of Our Lord. It’s takes a long time to heal. Please be patient with yourself. Peace I pray for you. 🙏🏻💜

  18. I am so very sorry for your loss. I lost my wife to suicide just over 4 years ago. She was a PhD clinical psychologist who suffered from severe anxiety and then depression – we had known each other for almost 20 years and it came on quickly and hard. She was diagnosed then less than six month she was gone after trying everything to get better – it all became too much from her. Having a loss is hard but having a loss like this happen is awful, my heart goes out to you and your family. Reaching out to others who have been there has helped me slowly (still tough days) I found the alliance of hope organization a helpful place on this journey.

  19. My condolences to you and your family but I sincerely hope and pray that you and your family get professional help. I realize the pain is extremely excruciating and you have to put the blame on anything, but Covid? Really? Cmon

    1. He’s blaming what covid did kids can’t see there freinds, go to school have fun I don’t remember one day from when I was a kid just staying in the house not seeing any freinds they see people saying this is going to be the way it is for 2 years could you imagine someone telling you this is going to last for 2 years I don’t understand what happened to this guy but maybe stop and think before you type, do you really think it would’ve happened if everything was still normal.

    2. What the Heck lady. Really. I know of 3. No now 4 suïcides in the past few weeks. All people who just can’t deal with the isolation, unemployment, abuse because of stress over not knowing and true fear. If you can’t understand that. Please don’t comment. Having had someone from my husband’s family commit suicide out of the blue…. it is incredibly hard to understand. And there are no answers. Even if they leave a note. It takes a long time for the fog of disbelief to leave your heart. The if only a. And men and young people especially boys. It’s more common. But really? Shame on you.

    3. This is the most disgusting and heartless comment I have ever seen. I suggest you seek professional help for having the audacity to even think what you wrote was okay. My heart breaks into a million pieces for this family and the sweet little boy. May God bless his soul and give his family strength 💛

    4. Why be a troll?!? Just don’t comment if you can’t say anything decent to this family. Pull your head out of your ass troll and find something else to do besides staring at your phone or a computer screen

    5. You are just plain out stupid. I have struggled with mental imbalance due to social isolation during the pandemic. I resorted to self harm and thought about ending it all. I have soon reached out to people and it has helped tremendously. This is an insensitive comment, and stop running your mouth before you know what we go through

  20. I am overwhelmed with sorrow for you and your family. I believe as you do, that he got himself into something he couldn’t get out of. What a tragedy, but thank you for sharing. We all need to understand what this craziness is doing to people. May God Bless you and heal your and your whole family.

  21. Denise Vonschon

    My heart hurts so very much for you.
    I am so unbelievably sorry this happened to you and your family. These sweet little minds are so hard on them self’s, sometimes without us seeing it. I pray for strength for all of you and peace, specially for your little daughter.
    Truly, all my love.

      1. That is the most harsh and inappropriate comment to a father in mourning. Shame on you. Not everyone sees others issues. Not even parents.

      2. Shame on you!!! Who are you to judge.
        Apparently you have never been touched by someone who may have emotional issues! And I pray you never do!
        Social isolation harder than you may think!

      3. You are a sick and sad human to write something like that. In today’s world, 11 yr olds are getting knocked up, younger kids have committed suicide. We have to always lock our doors at night. We have to worry about things we didn’t hell even just 10 years ago. You don’t know him or his family to say such a nasty thing to a human being who happens to be a parent and lost their child. In case you’re new here to mankind that’s not how life is supposed to go. Your children are supposed to bury you. Karma is real and good luck to you with yours.

      4. Samantha Winner

        What are u so pathetic that this is your way to get someone to acknowledge your sad existence?? Someone like you to come on social media and it be rate a father that just lost his son is just disgusting I bet you’re just a fat ugly sad man people probably just walk past you and don’t even know your there cause your just that sorry of a human…..

        To the Family I’m so sorry for your loss nothing anytime says can make this time easier for you pray your son wraps his arms around you from heaven and let’s you know he’s ok and in a better place!!!

      5. Cassie Linrud

        I have seen in the medical field a lot of different ages of kids killing them self do to things don’t always have anything to do with their family. And so at that what you wrote isn’t a right chose to have said to the 12 year olds. Father. Even if you are a great person and a great father or mother or both and rase your kids up right. Its not the mom’s or dad’s folt for the ones that love their kids are the ones that lose them due to things that happened at school or at a friend’s house or because they are being bullied. Mom’s and dad’s can only do so much for their kids. And keep them safe as much as they can. But I have seen and heard so many people taking their life due to this pandemic of isolation because they don’t have school or able to hangout with friends or their other family. A nurse just took her life because she couldn’t take this covid virus and she tryed and tryed to help those in the hospital to fight it. But it got to her due to everything happing. I send all my love and prayers out to you and your family and I’m sorry for your guys loss. May this video I agree get out to different places in the world for others to see and hear what the father has to say. God bless you and your family.

        1. It is so sad that we have such heartless people in the world to say such a horrible thing to a grieving parent. This father only wants to make his son’s life memorable,and I’m sure to try and make other parents be aware of what this Covid-19 isolation can do to your loved ones. May God comfort you all from the loss of your precious son. And may he RIP. And the sharing of this story reach out to the whole world to make that precious little boy’s life known to the whole wide world. God bless everyone!

      6. Jessica Rogers

        Who are you to judge that beautiful boys parents. And yes sadly kids kill themselves even younger. Have you ever heard if you have nothing nice to say dont say nothing at all

      7. I was 8 when I attempted suicide the first time, not my parents fault, I had borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder and was misdiagnosed by my doctors. If I hadn’t of attempted suicide I’d of never gotten properly diagnosed. No fault of any adult in my family, I just didn’t want to exist. No real traumas then, nothing. I should of been happy, but my mind wouldn’t let me. So fuck off. Don’t blame anyone when you don’t know

      8. Wow, how heartless can you be!?! Blaming the father/parents??? This boy was isolated and when he broke a second computer,he felt lost and possibly ashamed and just didn’t know how top deal with it. No one knows exactly what one is thinking. How were his parents to know he was depressed enough to take his own life. Depression and isolation has a way of masking itself so no one sees it coming. Don’t you think if his parents had any idea he felt alone and lost, they wouldn’t have done anything in the world to help him!?! Children often dont speak up when they are scared and feel alone. All of you questioning this parent about anything about this should be ashamed and keep your opinions to yourself! They are suffering enough without your negative comments!!!

      9. I am someone who has recently struggled with suicidal thoughts and tendencies, even though I have loving parents and people around me. I am just around his age right now. The fact that you think that the video game is the thought that triggered suicide is just plain ignorant. I play plenty of FPS games and the games have not caused me to have any thoughts like this. It is the isolation. We begin to experience new emotions and thoughts that we have never had before, except magnified by the conditions we are put under. Until you have been the one who is struggling, please, stop running your mouth because you have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about. I was obsessed with Fortnite, but my thoughts never came from anything that happened on there. I never stole money, never stayed up all night. Even though my parents were there for me, that did not change how I felt. It is a rush of negative emotion, one that you feel you can never escape from. It is ignorant that anyone thinks that is the fault of the parents or the video game simply because it is something that he enjoyed doing that happened to do with killing. I did not display signs until I showed my parents my self harm scars. Look, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. So please, be quiet until you know what you are talking about.

      1. You are a heartless person stay off this post. Stop commenting . We already see how you feel . No need to keep going . You aren’t helping anyone you psycho

      2. You are an Asshole!!! Why don’t you just quit commenting. You’re just making yourself look pathetic and uncaring. No one wants to hear what you have to say. Just shut up!

    1. Wooow!! What an emotional situation! I am so sorry for your loss. I cant even imagine that scene for your daughter and yourself. My heart absolutely aches for you and your family. I ask that God wrap His healing hands around you all throughout this horrible time.

  22. My heat aches for your family. As I listened to the video I heard a bird chirping so loudly. That had to be a sign he was there with you. So sorry for your loss. God bless.

        1. Its sad that you need to say such an awful thing. What’s more sad is that you are sitting around trying to find mean things to say to people. You just want attention and that in its self is a terribly sad ad disturbing situation. You have to put your email in. I hope someone digs in and finds out who you are and plasters your picture with your comment everywhere

      1. You obviously must not be a parent yourself.. there are chemical imbalance that can happen to the human brain at any age that no one can control.. i myself have suffered from ptsd and depression anxiety.. you can’t blame the parents. Parents can do everything be their for their child get medical help counseling and this still doesn’t work all time.. so until you understand what it’s like to have a mental illness yourself don’t Judge. U don’t know if ur walking into hell or heaven but ur actions will decide that!! Hope u reflect on your demons. And if you are a parent try to relate if u helped ur child in Every way you could and it didn’t stop it from happening how would you feel!!!

      2. You are an idiot and just seeking attention at these parents expense. Someone should report you! Just Stop with your opinions!!!

  23. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine the pain and heartache you must be going through. Prayers to you and your family.

  24. Desiree Coleman

    I’m so sorry may God be with you all! Couldn’t imagine the pain you’re goin thru.
    There was this thing on the internet that was making kids do some messed up stuff. It would tell them to go do that type of stuff. Again im so so sorry I pray god gives u peace and I see you are gonna change the world.

  25. I’m sobbing, and it’s not even about me. When the bird started chirping toward the end I felt like that was Hayden telling his dad he loves him. Idk just my thought. But I know how hard it is to lose someone to suicide, it never really gets better. I’ve just learned to live with the loss.

  26. Cindy Johnstone

    I have no words but to say “I’m sorry for your loss!”

    I don’t wat to imagine myself in your shoes…yes it is harder on our kids, i now understand – I definitely have new perspective in the situation (Lock Down)

    God Bless – Take it easy on yourself – One day at a time!

  27. I am so sorry that you lost your son to depression. I lost my youngest son to suicide five years ago. He suffered from depression and addiction. I had no idea he had had thoughts for years. And I started a blog called emotionally naked to find healing through writing. I have worked so hard to reach youth and adults in this pandemic. I know it adds to the isolation. My heart holds space for the parents and loved ones who struggle with this kind of loss.

    1. Anne, thank you for all that you do. Whether you hear it or not, and I KNOW that is not why you do it, what you do is so much appreciated. As someone who has battled for decades and has lost over twenty people within the past ten years, I know of the importance of support, sympathy, and, most importantly, empathy for those who suffer mental illness (depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, etc.). I typically participate in the American Foundation for Suicide Awareness Overnight Walk to raise money,and bring awareness not only to those who suffer but for those left behind. This year’s Walk will be virtual but I know that my Overnight family and I will be “walking” together to stomp out suicide. #youarenotalone #neverforget #unstigma

  28. So sorry for your loss. It really hit hard. I had lost a close cousin by hanging himself. And it brought back that memory of the phone call recieved ❤😥😥🙏🙏

  29. I am so sorry for your loss. Absolutely heartbreaking. I can’t even begin to understand what you and your family are going through. Your son is a beautiful angel.

  30. I’m so sorry for what u and your family r going thru
    May the good Lord give you strength
    My children went through a phase of depression the first week of social distancing. We had no friends no family. I finally got on the phone started calling everybody up I noticed that they were the same way. I figured if family and friends are just as cautious as we are maybe it will be OK for us to visit. We visit family members twice a week and my kids visit their friends twice a week and this keeps us sane. We barbecue up in front of our house and invite the neighbors. We need to socialize and connect with one another. I was born in the 70s Technology is not my thing. Ppl get out of ur homes and live ur lives. Keep ur immune systems strong and trust in the Lord.

  31. I raised tw0 b0ys and my heart breaks for you. The smile of your son can affect a lot of people and your story can save lives of other young ones. May our God hold your family in his arms until you all are together again. God bless and keep you.

  32. I’m so sorry for your loss, 12 years old. I believe your right. They can’t understand at that age really what they are doing. My son at 20 took his life the same way. It’s incredibly difficult to navigate through the grief. 30 days later my daughter died. God is the only reason I was able to move forward in life. I’m praying for your family, strength and healing.

  33. I truly sorry for your loss. I am dealing with my 22 year old son thinking about killing himself. I found a letter he wrote himself about 4 weeks ago. He lives with his dad but his dad works on the slope in Alaska. Always gone and because of the coronavirus his been gone for months. I go there daily checking on him. It’s very scary!
    I feel for you and I hear what you are saying. I’m so sorry you and your family are going through this. Sending my prayers for you all.

  34. No one should ever experience the loss of a child, especially if there was something that could have been done to prevent it. The COVID 19 will be remembered as an epidemic that changed the world. I hope your family doesn’t take blame for what happened, because I can tell that you are an outstanding father from hearing you talk about your sons story. My hope for your family is to move forward and continue to remember the good times you had with your son the past 13 years. I pray that you and your daughter heal from the experience that you had to deal with. Thank you for sharing your story as I believe it will make others aware of what could happen. God bless and be well!! Scott G.

  35. RoyAnn Caswell

    So heartbreaking! Thank you for sharing this video to enlighten other parents. So sorry for this family in the loss of their beloved Hayden. 💔🙏

  36. My deepest apologies and condolences with your loss. I pray God will hold, comfort and protect your family . So sad 😞 😭😷🙏🏻🙏🏻

  37. Laurie Comer DeVries

    My son just turned 13 in April so I understand this age and how the stay at home advisory is affecting these kids. My son is different now. In the beginning he was bummed our spring vacation was cancelled but he made th best of it and went running every day trying to beat his 5K record and then slowly over time he went from out every day to staying in his room in his bed. There is nothing to do, no actual 5k to train for no camp etc. It’s hard enough on Adults but very hard for 12/13 year old kids. RIP.

  38. There are just no words. Just know words it’s at all to help make it better. It is truly Beyond heartbreaking, my heart breaks for this family. As I understand because I lost my husband to Suicide 7 months ago. Not from the pressures of the virus but from other pressures like depression, anxieties, emotions anger all of that. Unfortunately it’s become an epidemic in the u.s. today it’s frightening on so many levels. The hardest is for those who are left behind. I’m going to pray for this family as they need prayers as many as possible. May the Lord comfort this family in such a difficult time. I’m so truly sorry.

  39. God wanted him in His arms that day, at that hour and at that very minute. You WILL see him again. Until then honor him by sharing a lesson you learned in this tragedy to others….you already did that in this video. The pain will always be there, so all you can do is try to live the best life you possibly can in spite of this incredible loss. Know that you are not at fault for this. You love him and did your absolute best raising him with love, values and lessons. Your actions would not have changed anything….Jesus wanted to hold him close to His chest that day. Accept the Lords plan and live the rest of your life the best you can….then on that special day, far in the future you will hug him for eternity. Until then, LIVE your life. Xoxo

    I pray for strength and acceptance.

  40. This is truly sad and I feel so bad for him. I don’t understand how he did not also make a connection to the video game. It sounds like this kid was so sad he would have to go without that game again that he would rather die. I don’t think he is necessarily wrong about the combination of things, but that seemed the most responsible to me.

    1. I agree. Lots of people get addicted to those game systems. What a horrible situation. Feel horrible for this family😞

    2. Preteens and teenagers are always in high risk of getting depressed because of the hormones. It’s hard enough for adults to go through our ups and downs with serotonin and dopamine but could you imagine children going through that so no children connect with video games. They need to run, jump, lagh, play and use their imagination on a daily basis just to survive as a normal child. Don’t get me wrong there are children that don’t enjoy that. my daughters a bookworm. She loves books painting drawing being creative but she’s active and using her imagination in her own room creating things.

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