Viral Video: COVID-19 killed my son, but not how you think

A grieving father shares a story of isolation, emotion, and the loss of a child amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The current health pandemic has taken the entire world by storm. From isolation to increased insecurities, the effects have hit like a tidal wave. While the focus has been on the loss of loved ones who have contracted COVID-19 and lost a direct battle with the illness, others are succumbing to the coronavirus in a different way.

”I’ll be damned if I don’t make this a little bit better,” he says in the video. “I want his memory to be his heart. His dedication, his tenacity. He made a big difference in the world, lit a flame. Made a spark around the world.”

We are sharing this viral video to do our part to share Hayden’s story with as many as possible.

(This is a third-party publication. This is a news story about this family’s tragic loss and desire to share their son’s story).

410 thoughts on “Viral Video: COVID-19 killed my son, but not how you think”

  1. Very very sad to listen and watch. He looks like such a cute little kids. And ur right its not normal for kids to be home so long and have no one to play with. I am happy some starts are allowing day camps now in small groups. If they are scared that’s what they should do do small groups so your less likely to catch the virus. It is one thing to stay home for 3 weeks another thing 3 months. And ur right it was probably covid. Very very sad may God bless your family. And help comfort you.

    1. This is horrible, but a catchy tidal that minimizing the possible effects of Covid19 is just going to kill more kids.

      Please read about of viral load effects severity of this virus. The reason less people are dying from covid is because we’ve been social distancing.

      Reach out to online therapist and reach out early. Pandemics are real and should t be minimized.

      I’m sorry about the sun. Mental health is incredibly important. Let’s all show how to love and support each other from a distance, when needed.

      We all need to slow the fuck down, value our plants and value our neighbors

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