Mentor Mondays – Community partnerships leave a lasting legacy

In 2019, a group of Kent State University at Tuscarawas representatives went above and beyond to serve Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio.

Each year Kent State University at Tuscarawas takes part in the Day of Giving and in 2019, Big Brothers of East Central Ohio was the focal point of their year-round generosity.

“Representative served our office by giving the hallway a fresh coat of paint as well as printing and installing a large, beautiful vinyl logo and decals to help reinforce the new branding,” explained Olivia Scally, Director of Business and Administration.

But, that is just one of many examples of the ongoing partnership between the agencies. Scally added that the university’s education club participated in Bowl for Kids’ Sake to raise funds for the organization, the Performing Arts Center regularly provides tickets for BBBS matches, and a professor with the university has incorporated mentoring at BBBS school-based programs into her classes providing a consistent group of mentors.

“Our local Kent campus has made contributions of all shapes and sizes,” said Scally. “We could continue on with the was Kent has supported us, but it is clear that the staff and students are committed to serving the community and have impacted our agency through many different avenues. They have been consistent influences into the success of our mission and we know our partnership is far from over.”

Earlier this year Kent State University at Tuscarawas was recognized as the 2020 Legacy Award recipient during the BBBS annual awards ceremony.


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  1. Ms. Madison,. You done a good job, sorry I didn’t read down to the Video. As I started to listen was a Bird that kept singing. I am so sorry about you loosing your Son; my Son couldn’t have lived through this Pandemic. I lost my Son 3yrs ago this month,. Sitting on his couch, fell asleep Asphyxiate, by accidental over dose.. He was a Dad, his son was there and his girlfriend. I
    Couldn’t figure out that he sat 4 hrs and they didn’t see that he wasn’t breathing or changing color. I can’t tell you it gets easier, cause it don’t; but he will always be with you.. No parent should have to burry their child..That Bird in the back ground that day was, His Spirit letting you know he is with you always. God Bless everyone whom lost a Child..Only a Person who has lost a Child knows how you feel.. I hope that they get some Psychologist & Psycitratist to help a lot of people through this Pandemic. The way some States has became controlling over School, Church and other Rights.. Your neighbor is your best friend always.. Prayers

    1. Michaela Madison

      Thank you for your kind words. Please note, this was not my story. I am a journalist with Newsymom and shared this viral video as part of our organization’s mission to share stories and keep parents informed.

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