COVID Connections – Summer Activities

The warm weather is finally here and schools are wrapping up for the summer, so now what?

COVID Connections is brought to you by the Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition.

When you think of warm weather, what activities come to mind? With fewer people on the roadway, the sun shining, and low gas prices, Tuscarawas County ADC officials are encouraging families to take a joy ride. “With the windows down and music blaring, you should sing your favorite songs as loud as you can!,” officials added in a recent COVID Connections post made to their Facebook page. With everyone smiling, give little thought to where you’re headed, but of course pay attention to the road when behind the wheel, and just enjoy the ride, music, and each other.

Officials added that during its time of uncertainty, we may worry about the future and wish for the past. “It’s okay to feel overwhelmed,” the explained. “But, we can also appreciate this time to reconnect with our families and ourselves. So, let’s enjoy the ride, both in the car and at home.”

The organization is encouraging families to keep moving forward and try to live in the present moments with the ones you love. A few activities this week include:



This is perhaps the most classic joyride activity. Create a playlist of your happiest sing-along songs for the whole family to enjoy. Then, take turns choosing songs on the playlist and sing as loud as you can. Try with music, karaoke, or a capella.



Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Before you leave, map out a route for your joyride. Include places like scenic overlooks, a nature trail, a park, or a local restaurant with carryout. You can even have a picnic in one of your favorite outdoor spots.

After you map out your route, make a list of things you want to see like a cow, a blue mailbox, someone mowing their lawn. Check off the items on your list as you drive and see who finds the most!



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