Crayola releases crayons with 24 skin tone shades

(U.S.) – Every child can now color themselves accurately thanks to a new box of crayons by Crayola.

The new Crayola crayons are called “Colors of The World,” and they are multicultural Crayons designed to ensure every child can feel included no matter the color of their skin, according to reports released by Crayola.

The box of Crayola Colors of the World Crayons include 24 colors that have been formulated to represent people from around the world in addition to 8 classic crayons for coloring eyes and hair. Officials indicate that the subtle shades within each crayon color are formulated to more accurately represent each and every child. Crayola officials noted they hope to cultivate a more inclusive world for children of all ages, races, cultures, and ethnicities.

With the world growing more diverse than ever before, Crayola hopes our new Colors of the World crayons will increase representation and foster a greater sense of belonging and acceptance,” “We want the new Colors of the World crayons to advance inclusion within creativity and impact how kids express themselves.” – Crayola CEO Rich Wuerthele

This pack of crayons includes three main shades: Almond, Golden, and Rose – and every darker or lighter shades in between. The packaging also includes side panels that serve as color references and each crayon is wrapped in a gradient skin tone label with the color name in English, Spanish, and French. Additionally, each crayon has a realistic color name such as Light Golden, Deep Almond, and Medium Deep Rose.

The crayons can be pre-ordered at Walmart for just under $2. They will be released in stores in July.

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