Dave Brothers – Candidate for Canton Local School Board of Education

After serving on the Canton Local School Board of Education for 20 years, Dave Brothers is asking voters again for their support.

Brothers explained that education is his life. He is currently an English teacher in the Medical Prep Program for students from South Stark Career Academy, which includes students from Sandy Valley, Perry, Canton Local and East Canton.

He explained that the reason he continues to ask voters to keep him on the board is a combination of his dedication to the community and his continued desire to improve Canton Local Schools.

“I don’t have a personal agenda other than what’s best for the kids,” said Brothers.

If reelected, Brothers outlined a few areas that would stay top of mind with him.

Improving the educational excellence of the Canton Local School District is a priority he explained.

“It’s tough times right now with the report cards and many of the school not doing as well as what [they] have done in the past and part of it is due to the difference in the reporting of the school report cards and part of it is just the demographics of Canton Local and how we have excellent curriculum leaders right now.”

He noted that part of working to improve the educational excellence is also continuing to improve the district’s facilities.

“Even though we have a brand new high school we still need to upgrade an update our middle school and our elementary school,” said Brothers. “We need to upgrade our athletic facilities in all areas, and I think that’s certainly something important.”

Career Tech Education also makes the list of priorities for Brothers.

“There’s about 65-67 percent of jobs for our graduates and our future graduates [that] are not going to be four-year Bachelor’s degree, but two-year Associate degrees and specialized training and we need to gear our kids to that.”

And although last mentioned, Brothers stressed it is an item at the top of his list and that is the continued importance of the safety of all students in the district.
“I appreciate the support that I’ve had from the community over the last 20 years and I just ask the community to allow me to continue to be a member of the Board of Education,” noted Brothers. “To make sure that our kids receive the best education possible and to be a someone one on the board of education who does work with the other four members of the board of education and not go off on his own tangent. To be someone who is cooperative and a leader.”

Michaela Madison Reporting



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