DIY – Easy, inexpensive acorn seasonal decor

(OHIO) – If you’re getting in the pumpkin spice mood, you’ll love these glitter acorns that make a cute seasonal decor, but are also easy to make!

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Acorns can be found all over Ohio big and small. So, grab your family and head out for a fun scavenging adventure and load up on as many as you can find! Then, take them home and start crafting!

  1. Pickup some in-expensive glitter glue from your local retailer and start by gluing the tops back onto the acorns if need be.
  2. Dip your acorns into Mod-Podge and either sprinkle glitter (try a bronze or a brown/chocolate glitter to keep a warm fall feeling) ontop or tip each acorn into the glitter.
  3. Tap the acorns to remove excess glitter and set them on a hard surface to dry. Avoid setting them on paper or anything that may rip when the glue dries.
  4. And just like that, you have fun, in-expensive fall decor to work into your home. You can glitter all of the acorns or even mix them in with regular ones, etc.


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