DIY Home Project – Create a gorgeous shiplap wall for $50

Farmhouse decor is all the rage, but while well over her, Joanna’s style can hurt the ol’ pocketbook…until this DIY!

This DIY Home Project comes to you in partnership with Novosel Real Estate.

If you love the look and feel an old shiplap wall gives a space you’re not the only one. But, we know, that unless yous score big and are able to uncover a wall in your home with this buried gem, it can quickly turn pricey to create.


You turn to that spare $50 in your wallet and a few sheets of plywood. You’ll want to trim the plywood into planks (get some help if you’re not used to doing this!), then lay the boards onto your wall horizontally. Attach the boards to your wall using construction adhesive and nails.

Next, just paint the panels and invite your friends and family over to enjoy your new DIY shiplap wall!


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