DIY Home Projects – Get in the fall spirit with these toilet paper pumpkins

If you can spare a few rolls of toilet paper these days, (or if you’re looking for a clever way to store/hide them) you’ll love this DIY toilet paper pumpkin project!

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Remember just a few months ago when toilet paper was all the rave? Well, if you’ve stocked up enough to spare a few roles AND you’re itching to get into the fall spirit, this project is for you. Pumpkins are the perfect home decor item this time of year because you can keep them in place from September through November! And, this project is simple and inexpensive.

  1. Head to your local fabric store and pick out a few fall fabrics that you love. You’ll only need about 2ft X 2ft of fabric, depending on your 1-ply or 2-ply prefence. (AKA, how big your toilet paper roll is).
  2. Pick up some green and/or brown ribbon while you’re there too. (Or, be creative with the ribbon prints)!
  3. Head out into your yard and find  few small sticks.
  4. Lay out your supplies on the table and lay your fabric piece (decorative side down) on the table.
  5. Place your toilet paper roll in the center of the fabric and begin pulling up the sides of the fabric and tucking it into the center of the cardboard cylinder of your toilet paper.
  6. Next, tie the ribbon around the stick and insert the stick into the center of the toilet paper to help hold the fabric.
  7. Done!

And just like that, you have cute fall decorations AND a safe hiding place for your extra toilet paper!

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