DIY Home Projects – Holiday Wreaths

Try these festive DIY home projects to make holiday wreaths and create a warm welcome for those who visit or pass by.

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Wreaths are a staple holiday decoration that celebrates this time of year. They look beautiful on front doors, windows, or peaks on homes which ups your home’s curb appeal. Creating your wreath will help get your desired look and you can have fun while doing it!

Another way to spread the DIY joy is to have a girl’s night. No matter if you do it virtually or with your family members at home, you’ll have a blast making these for your home.

For this project, you’ll only need a few things no matter the style of wreath you’d want.

  • Wreath Frame (Wire Frame, Grapevines, Styrofoam Hoop, or Embroidery Hoop)
  • Ribbon
  • Zip Ties
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Decorations

Since there are many different styles and wreath creations, you can be as creative as you want! The basics of wreath making and the supplies are still the same.

The first thing to do is start off with a structure. Wireframes make adding garland or other greenery to your wreath easy. You just have to wrap and weave the greenery how you like it. Grapevines are great for the wooden look. They’re more basic, but make adding decorations easier. Styrofoam hoops are nice and light. You’d want to use these for bulb wreaths. Another simple look would be to use embroidery hoops. They’re light and will put the focus on the decorations or greenery you choose to use.

Next, it’s time to start adding decorations. Depending on what you’re doing, this will either go in layers or just be one step. If you’re planning on adding ribbon, do so first. Use a hot glue gun to make everything stay put. Be careful when adding things, you could burn yourself with the glue. Pipe cleaners and zip ties can help keep everything in place too.

The decorating stage is the most time-consuming. Adding bulbs, signs, and finishing touches can take a while. You’ll be able to instantly see the results though!

Once you’re done getting your wreath together, let everything set and dry. Then, try hanging it up on a wreath hook to see how it looks. You can either add decorations or take some off. Do whatever to make your wreath perfect for you.

After you’re done with your DIY holiday wreath, it’s time to hang it up for everyone to see. This project won’t take long, but it’ll last this holiday season and beyond.

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