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Hey mommas, I’m back! I am proud to announce I am Red Bull free!

My mind is a lot clearer and I am becoming okay with taking things one task at a time. I was reflecting on some of the challenges I have been facing lately and one phrase kept coming to mind “Do The Work”.

I have been restless and quite frankly agitated with some complacent spaces in my life and the only thing between me and what I want in those areas is me. I was tired of being tired yet I drank like 2-3 Red Bull’s a day. Now let me set the record straight, this is not some health pep talk to get everyone to start doing the Keto diet or join a gym but-rock on ‘sista’ if that’s what you are doing!

I really want to talk about how the complacency in our lives affects our kids. So as moms if we are complacent in our lives it may not be apparent that this directly impacts our kids and what they are learning. So kids are sponges and what they soak up, they get squeezed out of them as adults. Life squeezes all the things they have picked up along the way good, bad or indifferent. And I got to thinking about what I am teaching my kids by being agitated and complacent. You see it’s one thing to be agitated and DO something about it and it’s unhealthy to be agitated and be complacent.

Let me put this in proper perspective for us as mothers. Our goal is to raise our kids to be better than we are. We want them to have what we didn’t and experience what we did or did not. But at the end of the day, we want them to have a better time “adulting” than we may be having right now. This is completely AWESOME! What isn’t so awesome through is showing your kids that you are complacent and have no desire to be better. So if you are in school pursuing a career, opening a business or climbing the corporate ladder, you have to “Do The Work: hard work pays off and we have to be careful not to allow our children to see you just dreaming of things and never stepping out and doing them.

If you are struggling in any area of your life or if you are existing and don’t really understand what God has placed in your life, let me say this as well, NO I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO QUIT your job lol But I am telling you to stop dragging your feet and lead someone (aka your kids) into a place where there is no space for laziness and complacency. Do the work! Don’t be afraid of the next steps, trust the process of working on some areas of being a better you and DO THE WORK.  Show your kids the ambition and passion you want them to have.

Do the Work.


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  1. I always love your timely and yet challenging nudges that are so applicable to life. Just a gentle reminder to locate where I am, adjust where neeed, do better.and grow! Thanks

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