Do You Need a Diaper Pail?

Like many first-time moms, I was guilty of making a colossal list of everything I HAD to have for baby. But, one thing has proven to be soooooo worth it!

Binky medicine dispensers, baby food makers, and even plastic water-proof stroller covers…as a first-time mom, there were so many things I thought were necessities and now two years later, I realize what a waste of money most of it was.

Medine comes with a dispenser, my little couldn’t eat fast enough to keep up with the baby food I made before it spoiled, and she NEVER left the fancy stroller-umbrella thing alone long enough for it to keep her dry…and honestly, we don’t take walks…IN THE RAIN!!!!

As a parent, we live and we learn and we laugh.

But, I am here to tell you in my experience as, mom, the Playtex Diaper Genie was one of the BEST purchases I’ve made.

Changing poopy diapers is bad enough. The smell, the sight, the trauma… Once you wrap that thing up you want to toss it and forget it. But, without Diaper Genie, the smell lingers and you usually end up bagging up your trash before it’s full just to find relief for your nose.

If you consider that on average your little will dirty 5-8 diapers a day you realize the amount of Fabreeze you’ll need to keep up with that!

Also, the Playtex Diaper Genie was made with moms in mind! It’s user-friendly and hands-free! There is a pedal you push with your foot (while juggling the dirty diaper and your little) and so easy to bag up! And you get so much use out of each Playtex Diaper Genie Refill!

Each refill can hold up to 270 newborn diapers!

The Diaper Genie® – it’s better than an ordinary pail and trash bags at preventing odors. The 7-layer refill provides barrier technology that locks in odors and germs. Diaper Genie® pails and refills are made for each other so don’t trust your nursery to anything else. After all, the #1 selling diaper pail brand deserves the #1 selling refill.

7-layer odor protection.
Out of smell, out of mind. The unscented Diaper Genie® Refill bags feature 7-layers that work together to lock in diaper odors. The refill works as a system with either the Diaper Genie®Complete Diaper Pail or Diaper Genie® Essentials. But most importantly, it works with your lifestyle.

Holds up to 270 Newborn Diapers
Although you may not want to collect over 270 dirty diapers, it’s nice to know you can! The Diaper Genie® Refill can hold up to 270 newborn diapers, which means less trips to the trash bin. You’ll always know when a Diaper Genie® Refill needs replacement –a black indicator line will tell you when the refills are almost out. So, keep em’ coming, baby.

Diaper Genie® Refill at a Glance:

  • The Odor Lock refill features 7 distinct layers that work together to lock in diaper odors.
  • Works with Diaper Genie® Complete and Essentials
  • Each refill holds up to 270 newborn diapers
  • Black indicator line lets you know when it’s time to replace the diaper pail refill bag
  • Built Durable, Diaper Genie® refills are designed for Odor Lock System Performance

And don’t forget to consider you can use it, again and again, kid after kid!

The Playtex Diaper Genie is a MUST!


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