Doctor Offers Inexpensive EpiPen Alternative.

Coupon, cost, and price-hike. The top three Google searches that follow when you search EpiPen. This is due to the controversy surrounding the recent price change for an EpiPen two-pack.

It now costs $608 dollars for the life-saving allergy medication, a 500% cost increase since 2007.

The CEO of Mylan Inc., Heather Bresch went before the House Oversight Government Reform Committee on Wednesday. Her company makes the EpiPen.

Throughout the hearing she contended the price increase was justified. She added that Mylan Inc. only makes a profit of $100 per $608 pack.

Regardless of the reason for the price-hike and which side you’re on, the fact is many families simply cannot afford it. This means many adults and children will be forced to forego a pocket sized life saver.

So, what if you could get the exact same medication for a fraction of the cost?

Just that will soon be a reality thanks to Dr. Barry Gordon:



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