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Drinking + Driving: A Deadly Combination

We’ve all heard the warning: Don’t Drink & Drive. But kids are curious and you might be confronted with a “why?”.

This awareness campaign is brought to you in partnership with Empower Tusc.

It’s no mystery that alcohol impairs judgment and motor skills, especially when consumed by young people. Understanding the dangers and facts about alcohol may help a teen or young adult make good decisions when it comes to getting behind the wheel.

Did you know?

Approximately 5,000 people under the age of 21 die from drinking every year. Teens are more likely to engage in reckless behavior while under the influence- this includes violence, sexual activities, and abusing other drugs. These deaths are a result of car accidents, homicides, and suicides while under the influence.

Teen Drinking

In addition to the dangers of casual drinking, teens sometimes up the ante with energy drinks. Mixing alcohol and energy drinks is a dangerous combination. This type of beverage can lead to “wide-awake drunkenness.” Caffeine masks the feeling and symptoms of inebriation, but it does not decrease them. This leads teens or young people to believe they are more alert and more in control than they actually are.

EmpowerTusc provides resources and assistance for families and individuals struggling with addiction. Visit their website at EmpowerTusc.com or give them a call at (330) 440-7319. You can also check out their list of local resources for those struggling with addiction, dependency, grief, anxiety/depression, and more.

Audrey Mattevi, Reporting

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