Phenomenal Mentor Highlight: Big Brothers Big Sisters Recognizes Kevin North

Phenomenal Mentor Highlight: Big Brothers Big Sisters Recognizes Kevin North – Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio wants to cast the spotlight on one of their outstanding Bigs: Kevin North! Learn more about this phenomenal Big and the hurdles he overcame right here on Newsymom!

Hey everyone! Meet Kevin North, an outstanding Big from the Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio (BBBS ECO). Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio wants to take a moment to recognize this phenomenal individual and share the spotlight with him and his Little!

About Kevin North

Tell us a little about your background!

I am originally from western New York and currently live in Sugarcreek. I work at nuCamp RV as the Vendor Relations Manager in Supply Chain. Hobbies include Cross Fit, Reading, and board games.

How did you get started as a Big?

I have been a Big since April 2019. My journey to becoming a volunteer started years before I ever signed up. Once I found a job closer to home that allowed for more time, I officially signed up and went through the background checks and interviewing process. Mentoring and teaching youth has always been a passion of mine, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. Unfortunately, things simply did not work out with the economic dynamic that was 2009 during the Financial Crisis, and I went into the business world instead. Being able to volunteer gives me an opportunity to pursue a dream that was never able to materialize.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Big?

My Little and I were matched when he was 12 years old going on 13. At that point in time he was still shorter than me and really quite guarded. Four years later he stands roughly 7″ taller than I am and is much more sure of himself. The incremental month-to-month changes are hard to see, but at this point in the game, I am amazed nearly every time we get together with how much he has grown as a person. The teenage years are very precarious for all of us and watching him maintain a positive path forward is very rewarding.

Tell us about your current Little! What kinds of things do you do together?

After joining the tennis team last year we like to play tennis together. Ironically enough my wife also wanted to start playing tennis this past summer so the three of us play at the park when the weather is nice. My Little has remained undefeated in our small tournaments. We also like to use the membership the local YMCA is gracious enough to provide for participants of the BBBS program. Lastly, we like to walk around the mall and play ping pong. I can still beat him at ping pong, but his tennis skills are helping him catch up really fast!

Potential truly is everywhere! Take it from Kevin: Spending four hours a month with a child makes all the difference. Become a Big!

Can you tell me about a time you faced a challenge as a Big?

Several months ago I helped walk him through some frustrations he was having and left him with these thoughts; we all have challenges, and he gets to decide if the frustration and hurt he feels is worth hanging onto, or letting go and moving forward. It was a powerful moment for me helping guide him through some anger he had been feeling for 3 days. I can only hope it was as important to him. After talking it out we went to the Y to take out any remaining aggression on the weights.

What’s something that you wish more people knew about Big Brothers Big Sisters?

The thing that kept me from doing it for so long was the time commitment, thinking it would be much more than it is. When I discovered the official requirement was only 4 hours a month it all of sudden became much more manageable. Even with all of life’s many other commitments, 4 hours a month for a great cause is a cakewalk!

Thank you so much for allowing us to interview you, Kevin!


Interested in Making a Difference in a Kid’s Life?

You can get involved as a Big with Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio to help defend every child’s potential! It’s simple: Four hours a month will change a child’s life. Find out more by clicking the link to volunteer: Become a Big

Additionally, you can enroll your child in the program! To learn more about the program, visit online at

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