Financial Tip Friday – How to save for your summer vacation.

If you’re wanting to hit the beach this summer, don’t break the bank! Start saving for your summer vacation with these tips today.

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Vacations are expensive, especially when you’re on a debt-free journey. Yet, it’s important to not put your life on hold and experience the world. There are riches and wealth outside of money.

Here are some ways you can go on vacation and not feel guilty about spending.

1. Build vacation savings in your budget.

When you’re on a budget, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and save for your trip through your monthly budget.

You can do this by setting aside money when you’re allotting money for the month. Some ways to help do this is by putting less money in miscellaneous spending and into vacation savings.

By making sure you know where your money is going, even when saving for a vacation, you can keep to your budget and not overspend. Make sure to start saving as soon as you can. The longer you do, the more money you’ll have.

2. Book in advance.

When you plan your trip a few months ahead, you’ll be able to find the best deals.

You can compare a multitude of different hotels or places to stay. During this time, you could also decide what city or spot would fit your price range.

Contacting and booking a travel agent is beneficial. They’ll know the best places to go, what will work at your price, and where the activities you’re interested in are. You may have to pay a little fee to work with them, but it could save you thousands.

3. Create an itinerary.

Once you pick out where you want to go, it’s a great idea to make a budget and itinerary for your time there. This is a great way to cut out an excess spending too.

Find things you want to do during your trip. This could be certain restaurants or excursions. Allocate a specific amount for each meal, spending money, and anything else you find.

It may take a little work, but it will be worth it.

If you book through a travel agent, they may already have this planned for you.

4. Do side hustles for extra money.

There’s always the option of doing side jobs for more cash. This extra money isn’t planned and can go directly into your vacation fund.

You can also sell clothes or items you’re not using too.

Any time you make extra money while saving for vacation will help give you the trip of your dreams.

Financial Tip Friday

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