Financial Tip Friday -The Financial Calculator Hack

Using the Financial Calculator hack helps one visually see and understand the ebbs and flow in your accounts on Financial Tip Friday.

Financial Tip Friday is brought to you in partnership with the 1st National Bank of Dennison

In high school, the school supply list had students needing a graphing or scientific calculator for success.  In the adult world, there is a need for more than just passing algebra or calculus.  There are different financial calculators beneficial in helping decide how to save and spend money.  There are specific calculators for auto, credit, insurance, loans, mortgage, retirement, and taxes that are free and accessible online making this a life hack needed for busy Moms and Dads.
 Financial Calculator

First National Bank of Dennison offers free use of financial calculators with no math experience needed on their website:

Pros to using Financial Calculators

  • You don’t have to be good at math- just read and answer the questions
  • Super user-friendly
  • Short explanation of what type of calculator is being used
  • Includes instant visual charts
  • Provides definitions of banking terminology along with helpful pictures
  • Simple drop-down, slide or boxes to input numbers
  • Assists future planning
  • Graphed report summaries can be printed and posted to follow
  • It is on a secured website

Financial Calculators Available:


Credit Card & Debt




Personal Finance



 Financial Calculator


Financial Tip Friday

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life hack has been helpful.

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