Finding Early Holiday Joy

Like all of you, my personal Mom life lately has really caused me to pause and breathe into Finding Early Holiday Joy!

In years past, I decorated for the season starting on the day after Thanksgiving.  I know for many, early Christmas/holiday decorating is taboo.  But this year, I needed something cheerful.  This year, I needed joy.  That’s when I decided to slowly start putting up decorations, with the goal of having it all up by Thanksgiving.  There’s something about not having the pressure to get it done quickly that has been making it that much more fun.

I’ve begun by bringing a bin down at a time, slowly unwrapping and putting things up.  Bit by bit, I am putting away Halloween and transforming our home into a winter wonderland.  I have enjoyed having the time to stop and grab a new tree skirt or knowing before I am in the middle of trying to get the tree up that I need a new set of lights.  There is less of a rush and more of enjoyment for me.  My house is in a bit of organized chaos, but soon, I’ll be done and ready to relax over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

How many of us rush to do it all, missing the entire point of the season?  In my hurry to get it all done, I felt unable to be present in the moment and rushed through things I normally would have enjoyed.  Is there something you can do now to make the holiday season less stressful?  If putting it all up before Thanksgiving doesn’t feel right, how about putting up your outside holiday lights?  Could you write out your Christmas cards so they are ready to go by December 10th?

This year, I plan to spend the Thanksgiving weekend, drinking hot chocolate and reading the pile of books I have been unable to get to.  I am going to spend this holiday season snuggling my kids more, listening to more Christmas songs (I cannot get that Wham song out of my head!), and watching more Christmas movies.  I plan to slow life down when others are ramping up.  It just feels right.  I hope you, too, can find a way to slow down some this season and focus on what really brings you joy.

Please share what you are doing differently this year.

4 thoughts on “Finding Early Holiday Joy”

  1. I loved reading this. 😊 I have two active boys at home and sometimes I struggle to be present for them in the midst of the chaos. Thanks for that sweet reminder of what really matters this Christmas season. I hope it’s extra blessed for you this year!
    P.S I am a friend of your mom!

  2. This is awesome!
    I always felt stressed and kept doing things early, but it still didn’t seem like I had enough time.
    I am going to go get those Christmas cards now!
    Plus having a Christmas cookie exchange with friends is a wonderful way to limit the cookie baking in the kitchen!
    Enjoy your Holiday!

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