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Step UpTo Quality is Ohio’s Star Rating system for licensed early learning and development programs.

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Step UpTo Quality makes it easy to find a great program for your child. It was created to help families identify early learning and development programs that go beyond the minimum standards of licensing. Star Rated programs demonstrate higher levels of quality in a variety of ways.

Choosing a start rated program helps schools develop readiness skills, get commitment to continuous improvement, hire highly trained teachers and family focus engagement

What Kinds of Programs Are Star Rated?

Most early learning and development programs can be Star Rated including:

  • Family child care
  • Full day, part day, part year
  • Head Start
  • Montessori
  • Parent co-ops
  • Preschool
  • Preschool special Education
  • Public school preschool
  • Faith based centers

Accordingtothe2016SUTQValidationStudy, children who regularly attend Start Rated programs score higher on Ohio’s Kindergarten Readiness Assessment.

StepUpToQuality rated programs plan learning activities that meet your child’s individual needs using the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards, also, teachers in rated programs focus on building relationships with families and communities which support your child’s progress and well being.  

Research confirms that when a program takes steps to increase quality, the children they teach are better prepared for the future. Children display more confidence, a curiosity about the world around them and are eager to learn.These are important skills for success in school and in life.

Helpful Websites

Ohio Child Care Resource & Referral Association

Enter your county to connect with your local Child Care Resource & Referral Agency, which can direct you to Step UpTo Quality programs in your area.

State Support Teams

Click on “State SupportTeam Contact Information” to find out more about your local Step UpTo Quality programs.

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