First-Time Twin Moms Give Birth Two Weeks Apart!

First-Time Twin Moms Give Birth Two Weeks Apart! – Local twin moms, Caitlin and Amy, have been close since the day they were born. As fate would have it, they were thrown for a surprising twist on their journey to motherhood when they were told their babies would be due one day apart! After a series of twists and turns, their babies were born exactly two weeks apart. Read more about our twin mommas’ stories of childhood, pregnancy, and childbirth right here on Newsymom!

There’s no doubt that twins are close. We’ve heard the stories of finishing each other’s sentences (or thoughts), knowing exactly what the other sibling is feeling, and being the closest friend to each other that one could only imagine.

But, what happens when twin sisters have their own first-born babies two weeks apart?

For local twin sisters, Caitlin and Amy, this is their reality! Their babies’ due dates were only one day apart. Unexpected twists and turns led them to having their babies exactly two weeks apart: baby boy Ash on March 14th (Caitlin’s son) and baby girl Raeya (Amy’s daughter) on March 28th!

Let’s get in their head as they embark on this wonderful twist into motherhood:

Q & A with Caitlin and Amy

Sister, Sister: Growing Up as Twin Sisters

First off, how close are you and your sister?

Caitlin: My sister and I are best friends. It sounds cliché, but we typically know what the other is thinking and can read the other very well. We call each other daily, whether on our commute to work, while pumping, in the evenings. Over maternity leave, we spent several days together with our babies. We have family dinners at Meemaw and Pop’s house (our mom and dad’s house) every Sunday. We love each other and share our lives together.

Amy: I am very close with my sister! Most of the time, we can share a look and know what the other is thinking. She is my best friend!

How do people describe your relationship with your sister?

Caitlin: People think it’s awesome that we have each other. I’ve heard our relationship described as amazing, and I’ve heard it described as freaky! Like I said, sometimes we know what each other is thinking, and often our major life events will occur around the same time. For example, we both started our careers a month apart (mine in public health, hers in graphic design).

Amy: I’ve heard our relationship described as wonderful and awesome and I’ve also heard people think it’s incredible! The twin connection is definitely strong.

What’s your favorite thing about your sister?

Caitlin: She is my rock. She is extremely supportive and loyal. I can always rely on her whether that means completely supporting me or telling me hard truths that make me a better person. 

Amy: Caitlin is good for giving me perspective and to see situations from a different lens. I know that I can go to her for advice when I need it and that I have her support!

What was your favorite thing about growing up together?

Caitlin: Her and I were creative and funny together. I think having each other made us more empathetic, better people. We had a blast growing up together. I loved living with my best friend!

Amy: Having someone to share experiences with and always having someone in your corner. Being able to enjoy milestones together!

Babies first picture together! Ash (left) and Raeya (right) rock their outfits for their first photo op together!

About Their Pregnancies

Did you plan on having your babies close in age or was it a surprise?

Amy: It was quite the surprise!

Caitlin: It was a surprise. Amy and her husband announced their pregnancy to our family on a Sunday, the following Monday, we found out I was pregnant. I was at work preparing for a community event at the fairgrounds, and it was a hot day. I could hardly stand up from nausea and exhaustion, and that is not like me. I am typically a very active person. I work for a local health department, so once I got back to the building, I took a pregnancy test in the Nursing Division.

How did you announce the news of your pregnancy?

Caitlin: I left work and called my husband. I don’t typically call him while he’s working, and I asked him to sit down. He immediately asked if I was pregnant. He left work as soon as he could, and when he walked through the door to our house, he embraced me. I called my mother and told her the news. I was so excited with my pregnancy so close to Amy’s; I couldn’t wait to plan a formal announcement. On social media, we waited until I was about four months pregnant, on Thanksgiving. We announced our little turkey with a chalkboard, decorative pumpkins, pampas grass, and twinkly lights.

Amy: My husband and I cut flowers from our garden and made bouquets and wrapped the tests in a gift box. We staged it so that the “gifts” were a ‘thank you’ for help we had gotten from our parents with some recent projects.

What was your pregnancy like?

Caitlin: I was very nauseous in the beginning, and that subsided about three months into the pregnancy. I was diagnosed with gestational hypertension, so the doctor watched the baby and me closely with frequent ultrasounds, non-stress tests, and a visit to a Fetal Specialist. From the 2nd trimester until the birth, I could not eat without inducing indigestion. 

Amy: My pregnancy went smoothly. I would say I probably haven’t slept well since the end of my first trimester, though. 

Family fun during Fourth of July: a chance for an Americana photo shoot!

Introducing… Ash and Raeya!

How close were your babies born apart? 

Amy: Exactly 2 weeks apart.

Caitlin: Despite the due dates of the babies being one day apart (Ash’s due date March 27th, Raeya’s due date March 28th) the babies were born exactly two weeks apart. I was induced due to gestational hypertension on March 13th and gave birth to Ash on March 14th, and Amy had Raeya naturally on March 28th

Do you feel comfortable sharing your birth stories?

Caitlin: I was scheduled to be induced on March 13th; however, I was really hoping Ash would be born on March 14th (Pi day)! I was given my epidural and had my water broken around 5 pm. My epidural began to wear off around 11 pm, and the anesthesiologist arrived at 1 am to add to the catheter; however, it failed, and I felt the entire birth. Ash came into the world at 3:57 am on March 14th, a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

Amy: I went into labor naturally the evening before my due date. I thought I was having Braxton-Hicks contractions but decided to record them just in case. I stayed up all night and called my doctor’s office as soon as it opened at 8 am. I had an appointment at 8:30 and asked that they take me back ASAP. All the tricks I had done over the past week worked and we were sent over to labor and delivery! After laboring for 8 more hours, I gave birth to our little girl.

Did you have your babies at the same hospital/birthing place?

Amy: Yes! Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital.

Caitlin: We do have different OB/GYNs, though!

All the hard work of childbirth is done, but motherhood is just beginning! What do you and your sister look forward to as your babies grow up together?

Caitlin: Sharing memories, building a healthy and strong family unit, enjoying life with the people you love. 

Amy: Continuing to enjoy the seasons of life together!

Caitlin and Amy, everyone here at Newsymom looks forward to seeing your littles grow up with a bond as strong as yours!

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