Fran Miller – Candidate for Stark County Educational Service Center

A Stark County dentist is among those looking to be named to the Stark County Educational Service Center.

Fran Miller, a graduate of the North Canton City School District, has been serving the community as a dentist for roughly 30 years. She noted that education has always been important to her with her experience teaching special education and raising a special needs child.

Miller cited her experience running multiple levies for the Plain Local School district as additional credibility for running for a spot on the ESC.

She explained to that it’s time for a change.

“It has been run by the same people for the last thirty years so it definitely needs a clean change, it needs some new spirit, it needs some fresh air.”

Miller noted a need to address a variety of issues such as the opiate epidemic, social media, and bullying.

“I don’t think they’re going anywhere near that right now,” said Miller. “They’re just kind of doing the same old thing.”

According to Miller, her experiences as an area dentist helps give her unique insight as to what is happening within a variety of school districts throughout the county.

“I see many, many kids, many special needs kids. I hear the pulse of what’s happening in the community in all the different schools. Good and bad.”

If elected, Miller detailed a major focus would be to incorporate the private community in addition to supporting educators.

And, she continued to stress a new face is needed for the Stark County Educational Service Center.

“I am not the same person who has been doing it for the last 30 years. I would be someone new on the board,” she explained. “Someone that would actually not agree with everything, again bring in some change. The big thing is that we have to touch on all these things that are affecting our community, especially right now the opiate crisis.”

Issues surrounding the understanding of social media are also top of mind for Miller as she explained she’d like to help the board handle those issues.

“Teacher are not knowing how to handle the social media in the classroom, parents don’t know how to do it when their kids on the phone for 24/7. So we need to address all of the issues that are affecting us right now.”

Miller cited her professional background as well as her experience being a parent of a special needs child as proof of having the qualifications to serve while considering diversity and handling a multitude of issues.

“I have just about everything you could have,” she added. “I think I would be a really good choice because I’m a mover and a shaker.”


Jim Holmes

Barbara Morgan – Did not return a message seeking comment. 

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